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Six inspiring ways to enhance the learning experience using data


Six inspiring ways to enhance the learning experience using data

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 10

Data enables us to enhance the learning experience significantly and we now have more ways than ever to measure the impact of our learning solutions. But research shows that organisational adoption of data remains low, despite a huge appetite in L&D to use it for better decision making.

In this practical talk, we’ll crack open the topic of data. We’ll share inspiring real-world examples of the ways data has been used to:
• Help people build knowledge and develop mastery
• Motivate people to complete learning tasks
• Measure learning impact with impressive results for business

Finally, we’ll share a method for planning data collection as a forethought in the design process, not the afterthought it often can be!

  • Recognise how data is being used to enhance user experience (UX) as well as provide actionable insights to L&D
  • Be inspired by real-world examples of data and start putting it to use
  • Take away a helpful tool to support thinking through data collection as part of the design approach
Kate Pasterfield, Chief Innovation Officer - Sponge

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