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TeamViewer’s journey to successfully training its extended enterprise


TeamViewer’s journey to successfully training its extended enterprise

13 Feb 2020
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Extended enterprise training has a ripple effect. Not only does it guide your employee, customer and partner success, its benefits are also far-reaching, impacting everything from sales to engagement to retention.
In this session, TeamViewer, a B2B and B2C cloud-based technology provider, will share how they successfully moved their employee training online, and expanded out to delivering customer and partner training to deliver tangible results for their business. You’ll discover the importance of extended enterprise learning, how to build a training strategy with an LMS, and how you can use it to fuel your business’s growth.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to grow and expand the value of your extended enterprise with an LMS
  • The benefits that extended enterprise learning has for organisations
  • How to efficiently implement an extended enterprise LMS
  • How to compare the costs, benefits, and results, to identify the true value of extended enterprise learning
Silke Cleymans, Manager Global Training & Development - TeamViewer
Phily Hayes, Senior Account Manager - LearnUpon

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