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The cost of language barriers to your business


The cost of language barriers to your business

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 6

Language differences can affect your business in many ways, from a simple inconvenience to disastrous deal-breaking. If employees don’t share your business’s common language, miscommunication between co-workers rises. Efforts to connect with communities and markets you want to serve fall short. Good things happen when businesses overcome communication obstacles. Language-ready employees collaborate productively across departments. Your company’s ability to serve customers and companies increases and makes your business relationships stronger – whether that’s in English or a world language. It’s true that English remains the international language of business. Still, using culturally sensitive language and having a global mindset is crucial to effective communication in the workplace. In the seminar, Huw Carter will unpack how a language training programme can help you avoid disastrous losses in productivity, employee retention, and more—driving global business wins across your organisation.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Learn how effective language training impacts business operations;
  • See real-world benefits of overcoming language barriers in the workplace;
  • Understand how language training can impact employee collaboration, productivity, retention, and more
Huw Carter, Senior Language Consultant, EMEA - Rosetta Stone UK Limited

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