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The next generation of online learning


The next generation of online learning

13 Feb 2020
Demo Zone 2

Join the Brightwave team as we introduce you to tessello, our best-of-breed, mobile friendly, next gen LMS. 

With tessello, we’ve made users the stars of their own learning, creating a platform where they can upload their own specific skills and become on-the-job experts for their colleagues.

What makes tessello a unique learning platform?

• Robust next-gen learning tools including an instant-access resource bank, blended learning pathways, coaching tools and event bookings

• Learner led design with every element rigorously user-tested and tweaked to answer real needs in the best way

• Continuous developments and improvements delivering the most up-to-date system and approach

• Personalised content matched to specific roles, departments and company structures

• Gamification using tactics and tools from the wider tech industry to make to make learning compelling, addictive and fresh

• Integrated communities and coaching areas

Dan Jones, Head of Product - Brightwave Group

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