• #LTSF20
  • 10 - 11 february 2021
  • excel, london

thirst.io Authoring Tool Demo


thirst.io Authoring Tool Demo

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 4

What is thirst.io and why should I try it? This session will be a demonstration of how to use thirst.io to create responsive, branded learning experiences. thirst.io is a great tool for helping teams work together efficiently, as well as generally helping you to maintain consistency throughout your content.

Areas we will cover are:
- What does thirst.io do that other authoring tools don’t?
- What are the main benefits of using thirst.io?
- How do I get started in the tool?
- What will my courses look like?
- How does my thirst.io content get to my learners?

  • To understand what thirst.io authoring tool has to offer
  • To be able to create your own content in thirst.io
  • To evaluate whether thirst.io is the right tool for you
Fred Thompson, CEO And Founder - thirst.io

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