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Try A New Approach.mLearn


Try A New Approach.mLearn

12 Feb 2020
Demo Zone 1

The presentation will Introduce and describe Bridge Learning Tech’s  new MicroLearning platform, mLearn. The platform was developed to be a fully controllable, flexible learning tool that is available to all industries and organisations of all sizes. Using the principles of 19th Century psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, MicroLearning’s concept is that by delivering and repeating engaging, small bites of knowledge over a period of time, learners achieve higher knowledge retention. mLearn is based on this philosophy and utilises technology and innovative creativity to enhance the user experience for both learners and trainers. The platform is: 

• free, 

• can integrate to existing LMS, or 

• be used as a stand-alone tool, 

• works on a mobile learning principle, and 

• can be self or collaboratively authored. 

The presentation will walk through the user experience of the platform and give details on how to register and upload content.

Vlad Shishkaryov, Owner - Bridge Learning Technbologies

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