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Why You Don’t Need to Learn


Why You Don’t Need to Learn

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 5

Learning. Is it overrated? Yes, and no. We all need to be lifelong learners but it’s how we perform and how we add value to our organisations that really counts. This means that we don’t need to learn everything! But we do need “just in time” support in the workflow.

To create an energised workforce that can perform through change transformations, can be creative and can create a learning culture, we need to look at things in a different way. And when you do this, the results will surprise you.

In this seminar, we’re going to explain a new approach to learning that is radically different. One that eases stress on the learner and provides them with what they want, when they need it. By cutting time spent learning and boosting productivity, you’ll find how to replace outdated ways of thinking about learning with a lean, results-driven approach that your learners will love.

  • Consider how to approach workplace learning from a different angle and but use traditional models, where they are appropriate.
  • Unlock the technologies that will help to improve efficiency and ROI,
  • Discover the theory behind these new approaches, driven by psychological research and cognitive insights.
Georgina Morris, Learning Facilitator - Saffron Interactive
Bert Jennings, Learning Performance Consultant - Saffron Interactive

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