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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

T3S5 - Agile L&D


T3S5 - Agile L&D

Thursday 4 May 2023
Conference Theatre 3
Programme implementation , Professional development , Future L&D

You can’t do a great job in L&D while you’re stuck in rigid systems. The opposite is agility – where the L&D team is in close, regular contact with the business and constantly learning from it and each other. It emphasizes the importance of communication and engagement and promotes a team-based approach to knowledge sharing and learning from the organization. For a lot of L&D teams, it’s a shift, maybe a big one, but it’s vital if you want to do great work.


Agility in L&D: delivery with impact, from transformed L&D teams.

Jodie Pritchard

Richard Kerridge


In the session, we explore the practice of agility in L&D. This agile mindset involves rapidly producing ideas and then testing and iterating them, while constantly staying close to the business. For some L&D practitioners this can be uncomfortable because it involves far less focus on the production of content, and far more on meeting a particular need. But that can also be liberating and incredibly fulfilling. Done right, it ensures communication with the organisation, and promotes engagement.

An agile approach to L&D goes beyond a methodology for producing content. It extends to the team, too. The knowledge sharing encouraged by good agile practice boosts your team’s performance and ensures it is connected to, and constantly learning from, the organisation.

  • Putting performance front and centre
  • How agility lets you deliver solutions as speed – when you have to
  • Retaining your team and your agility in a virtual environment
  • Building and maintaining an experimental mindset
  • Practical next steps
Julie Wedgwood, Digital Learning lead - Derbyshire County Council
Jodie Pritchard, Head of Learning and Development - Citizens Advice
Richard Kerridge, Learning Tech Strategy and Architecture - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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