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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

T2S2 - Change management


T2S2 - Change management

Wednesday 3 May 2023
Conference Theatre 2
Programme implementation , Professional development , Learning engagement

This panel of experienced practitioners will discuss what change means for L&D – including how we think about it. Too often we think of change as something to be imposed on people, but is that right? Couldn’t we benefit by shifting from managing change to enabling it? Expect our panel to explore that, along with the need for L&D itself to model change and tips on how to work with managers as the key enablers (and potential blockers) of any change.


Change management: the essential missing element in your implementation plan

Learning usually means behaving differently, and that means change. Sometimes that change can be minor, for example when someone learns to perform a simple procedure in a new way. More often, however, a learning programme requires changes across individuals, managers and processes. Even if seemingly trivial, these changes have to work against a combination of factors, from natural inertia to active resistance.

Yet too often in L&D managing this change is either regarded as someone else’s responsibility or is ignored altogether. The result: the effort spent creating great content and delivering quality programmes goes to waste.

Our panellists are experienced L&D and change practitioners focused on effective change management. Join this interactive session as they draw on practical experience and change models to explore:

  • Shifting from ‘managing’ change to enabling it
  • Why going slower at the start is always faster in the end
  • Modelling change in the L&D department
  • Working with managers as your key enablers of change
  • How to both focus on your goal and stay flexible about achieving it
Julie Wedgwood, Digital Learning lead - Derbyshire County Council
Florence Dambricourt, Culture Change Enabler - Richemont International SA
Julie Woodward, Head of Enablement - Xceptor
Saskia van den Berg-Tromp, Change Manager - Philips

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