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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

The future of L&D is Unlimited Learning.


The future of L&D is Unlimited Learning.

Thursday 4 May 2023
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In the world of today, more and more organizations understand that L&D scope spans way beyond fostering talent in the company employees and recruitment candidates. These organizations understand personal and professional development go hand in hand and boosting engagement has the side effect of help knowing your employees better. Also, helps to understand them in their professional, personal interests and motivations as a whole, sharing a lifelong, holistic learning experience. More and more the value chain needs to be part of the L&D efforts, same as customers. Social Responsibility, employer branding and L&D go hand in hand. Many of these angles were not L&D responsabilities until recently.
The future of L&D enlarges L&D scope of responsibilities to areas and stakeholder that further increases complexity, friction, programs and TCO.
L&D future is unlimited. How to deliver value in all these angles, with the huge engagement requirements for such diverse stakeholders, content and process needs, interests, way of learning.
Join us to understand why Odilo means unlimited learning, everywhere, for everyone, in any device, seamlessly.

Ivan Menendez, VP Sales - ODILO

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