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Launching a learning platform: lessons learnt


Launching a learning platform: lessons learnt

16 Mar 2022
LT Digital Days
Programme implementation

Girlguiding needed to respond to their changing volunteer landscape to reach more volunteers with learning. The response was to shift from an entirely in-person training approach to a blended learning with a strong digital component. Spread over 10 countries and regions, Girlguiding has a 100 year tradition of face-to-face training, delivered by over 600 volunteer trainers to about 88,000 volunteers, moving to digital required extensive research, planning, stakeholder engagement, enthusiasm and motivation.


Where do you start?


For Michelle Parry-Slater, taking Girlguiding to an online-focused blended training approach was a long process that required them to prove the case for digital (to secure funding and support), to prove the concept of digital delivery (to begin building enthusiasm). It took a slew of investigative work, interviews, mini-experiments and more to reach the point where they could launch the start of their blended digital approach to learning to a delighted audience. We will share our learning on:


·         Why discovery is crucial – to collect information and build information

·         The important of getting the IT department on board

·         The essential discipline of good project management

·         Why a product owner is crucial to your success

·         Maintaining and developing your approach after the launch

Donald H Taylor, Chair - Learning Technologies Conference
Michelle Parry-Slater, Learning and Development Director - Kairos Modern Learning

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