London UK 2023

London UK 2023


Dates and Venue


3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Recasting the L&D function


Recasting the L&D function

17 Mar 2022
LT Digital Days
Future L&D

When, last December, Tik Tok fired its entire talent team because they were nice to have rather than business critical, was this an unusual one-off, or a harbinger of things to come?


This session will look at the global trends and organizational forces shaping L&D and lay them out as opportunities to grasp. There are clear indicators that things must fundamentally change in L&D, but who is paying attention?


Drawing on Nigel’s extensive research with real organisations achieving real success with L&D today, in this collaborative session, participants will reimagine L&D for this decade. We will decide where the opportunities for transformation lie among the many forces reshaping work and reimagining talent and consider how we can get started with recasting the L&D function.


·        The big picture - where does your organization and team fit in?

·        Understand how to size new opportunities and put them to use

·        Developing a personal agenda

·        Enjoying the space to dream (and scheme!) a little


Nigel Paine, Managing Director - Nigel Paine.Com ltd

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