London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Supercharging L&D for change


Supercharging L&D for change

16 Mar 2022
LT Digital Days
Professional development

Boost your energy, build more advocacy and build your presence in the L&D world.


We are now in the Augmented Era of humanity, where the richest sources of currency are creativity, cognitive agility & adaptability, but evidence shows our mental models are more often than not ‘stuck' between the industrial era and the information era, so most of us are battling with ourselves as well as others are we learn, develop and grow. 


Change is constant and it’s getting faster and more exhausting to keep up, however, people can change too. This may seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and guidance, it's not only achievable, but also beneficial to L&D practitioners and the organisations that they work for.


Join Hannah and Jane as they share insights and evidence of impact in L&D practitioners who have created their very own ‘Supercharge Squad’, amplifying their reputation, value and impact in their organisation. 

· Why a ‘Supercharge for Change’ mindset and approach accelerates value

· What it means to integrate the guiding principles into your work & life 

· A real case study and the difference this is making to the people and organisation

· How simple it is to incorporate the guiding principles to restore balance, boosting value and impact

Donald H Taylor, Chair - Learning Technologies Conference
Hannah Gore, Learning Experience Director - Tessellate Learning

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