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  • 10 - 11 February 2021
  • ExCeL London

Marketing your learning programmes by Bianca Baumann

Marketing your learning programmes by Bianca Baumann

11th February 2020 at ExCeL, London

About this workshop:

Whether you're a learning professional or a marketer, you're competing for the same thing: attention. Without it, you can't get people to think and act in new ways. There's one big difference, though. Marketers have been much more successful. Savvy marketers understand that tapping into the psychology of emotions sparks engagement in today's hyper-distracted world. That's a mindset learning professionals need now more than ever before.

In this workshop, you'll get a hands-on introduction to the marketing tools and techniques you can use to enhance any L&D project or strategy. You'll look at real-world learning programs from a new perspective and learn how L&D can tap into the benefits of content marketing, campaigns, insightful analytics, and other proven marketing techniques. You'll also get started using these approaches yourself, including crafting a content strategy for your learning programs, building learning-focused drip campaigns, designing polished graphics to support your learning programs, and more. By the end of this workshop, you'll have built valuable practical experience applying time-tested strategies marketers have been using for years to capture attention and spur people to action.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Create a learner journey with the help of the marketing funnel for outstanding learning experiences

• Empathize with your learners leveraging learner personas to target your content to their needs
• Techniques for building a custom content strategy for your organization, enabling you to rethink your learning programs
• Ways to create attention-grabbing, professional-quality marketing visuals and videos
• How to build automated, learning-focused drip campaigns based on specific timelines or learner actions
• Best-practice examples that can keep you inspired well beyond the end of this workshop

Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders (directors, VP, CLO, executive, etc.)

Technology discussed:
Content marketing and strategy tools/templates, MailerLite, graphic design tools (Canva, Adobe Spark), video creation and interactivity tools (PowToon, Adobe Spark), content curation tools (Feedly, Buffer)

Technology requirements:
Laptop with a modern web browser, Wi-Fi capability

About Bianca

Bianca Baumann

Bianca Baumann is a Senior Learning Strategist focusing on digital education success, combining L&D and digital marketing to create outstanding learning experiences and strategies that help organizations meet their growth and revenue targets. She has spearheaded multiple projects in the marketing, automotive, financial and events industries, creating award-winning programs along the way. She shares her expertise in her blog and at global conferences, highlighting the importance of including disciplines outside L&D to help organizations with digital transformations and reskilling of their workforce. She published the eBook “The Little Black Book of Marketing and L&D”, a practical guide that helps integrate proven marketing techniques into L&D.

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