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Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 12

Friday 7 February 2020

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 12

How will enterprise elearning evolve in 2020? The lines are blurring between our corporate and private lives and the tools we use to communicate and learn must mirror this evolution. Here is an outline of the major trends. The next era of enterprise learning is here and with it comes the potential to elevate learning’s impact on the wider organisation. Learning and development is in vogue and so too are the tools to help support it with increased efficiency and scalability. At its core, the enterprise e-learning sector is witnessing high adoption rates due to the increased demand for effective learning programmes for employees, partners, customers, members and other audiences. To keep up with the realities in which people now learn, organisations must expand their e-learning offerings beyond the traditional approaches and take a broader look at how best to engage learners.
Driving better learning outcomes and ultimately equipping your whole organisation for the future is no easy feat but the market is adapting to help streamline that process. Learning content With so much content now available for learners and learning professionals, oftentimes the most time-consuming task is finding the most relevant content for each learner. Compliance training is a necessary undertaking for many companies but a major shortcoming is that the content is outdated almost the moment it is created. Today’s knowledge workers need to know how to discover relevant content quickly but the Learning Platform isn’t always their first port of call. In fact, almost 40% of employees ask Google before asking a co-worker or using their employer’s learning technology. Dynamic content aggregation This doesn’t mean that the content isn’t in house, but merely that the platform hasn’t been curated effectively.
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