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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine page 10

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine page 10

Navigating portfolio careers Workers taking control of their own skills are developing 'bento box careers' signalling a unique combination of competencies. When we talk about careers, we always tend to talk about them being like road. That is, something linear, laid out and easy to follow. But that’s all changed. Rapid transformation as a result of digitalisation means that lots of jobs and skills disappear while new ones emerge at an even faster pace. Our lifestyle choices have also altered our careers. Nowadays, we may want to take a break during a certain point in our career and do something completely different. Travel perhaps, or invest time in a hobby or interest. Thanks to new technology and the gig economy, it’s easier to work from anywhere in the world meaning that we can turn our interests into professions or combine them with other assignments. Instead of a traditional clear career path, more and more people are now acquiring a portfolio of skills.
Applies to all This can apply to anyone. Those who are new to the job market and do not immediately find the job they want and those who have worked for a long time and where the career path or life circumstances have changed. Either way, workers are taking control of their skills portfolio and developing a unique combination of competencies. And their portfolio can combine very different skills and experiences. For example, it can be a marketing expert who is a yoga teacher and hires out a room in their apartment on Airbnb, or a former CFO who is also a sailing instructor and writes detective stories. Multi-skilled We should view these careers like a bento box, where each competence has its own compartment. Each compartment or competence can be easily lifted out and replaced, creating a completely unique combination that’s never out of date.
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