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Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 19

Friday 7 February 2020

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 19

A human framework for reskilling How 5 seismic forces are driving the reinvention of learning and talent For as long as we’ve all been at work, CEOs and boards have referred to people as their most important asset. But rarely have they acted in concert with this claim. Now, and for the foreseeable future, this must change. Why? Because organisations today are caught at the nexus of 5 seismic forces: 1. Increasing complexities in business operations and work 2. The constant—and constantly accelerating—pace of change 3. Unprecedented demographic shifts that are shrinking talent pools and bleeding tacit knowledge out of the organisation 4. An increasing need for sustainable productivity to create a competitive advantage 5.
Changing employee expectations around work and the workplace. Trace these seismic forces to their epicentre and this is what your find. An urgent need for large organisations to reskill the workforce—and to do so with a tangibly human approach. One that meets people where they are and then inspires and empowers them to achieve their own goals alongside those of the organisation. This need is particularly acute for highconsequence industries burdened by risk and regulation, for whom any solution must deliver within a framework of rigorous compliance. The challenge spans manufacturing (such as automotive and pharmaceutical), commercial services including finance and transport, and those public sector services where there has been rapid technological change. What leaders know (and don’t know) about reskilling To affect this unprecedented reskilling, leaders must identify the skills—not the jobs, but the skills—it will take to surmount these forces and to plan and lead organisational objectives. Then they must devise an agile approach for training the people who need those skills today and in the future
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