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Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 22

Friday 7 February 2020

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 22

Improving the efficiency and consistency of e-learning creation teams Here are three common issues content teams face when collaborating, coupled with solutions to look out for when choosing your authoring tool. If you're creating an e-learning or digital learning course with an authoring team larger than one, you're likely to hit various unexpected hurdles that impact productivity and affect the quality of your end product: Challenge 1: How do I enable my team to produce a consistent course experience? You've designed the look and feel for the course, selected an appropriate colour theme and deduced the most accessible font for your user base.
You've agreed on the colour for the text and how large the writing should appear. Then your team of authors are set to work. You've now found yourself staring at numerous screens of e-learning content that appear to have been authored in isolation. The initial screen features a blue heading in size 24pt font, whilst the second features a black heading in 36pt font, that is underlined. What happened? The problem is not uncommon. Each author had the best intentions with the design of their section of the courseware, but perhaps didn't share their style guide or theme with their colleagues or didn't really stick to a style at all. Solution: Flexible theming with fixed project-wide styling Ensure you select an authoring tool that allows the style for the entirety of the project to be set in a single place, and restricts content authors to pre-defined fonts, formats, sizes, colours and designs. If your authoring tools allows for pre-defined templates or styles to be shared between authors, then ensure your authors are required to conform and cannot make amendments to the shared guides.
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