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Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 29

Friday 7 February 2020

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 29

What is a learning culture anyway? Learning is a naturally occurring, inherent human behaviour. So the terminology seems odd, a bit like wanting to create a reading culture in a book club. At Learning Live 2019, London, the reported number one priority for senior L&D and HR managers was ‘Creating a learning culture’. Learning happens every day in the workplace because people naturally seek out ways to be better at their job, to feel better about themselves in their job, and to make things easier for themselves in their work.
People learn from experience, from mistakes and from peers. "If you employ humans, learning happens in your workplace every day." B Andreatta: 6 Steps. Why was it that of all the challenges faced by learning departments today, the top priority is to ‘create’ a culture that already exists? What does ‘Create a learning culture’ really mean and why is it such a challenge? What's wrong with your existing learning culture? If business goals are not being met quickly enough, or a leadership team is struggling to execute its business strategy, sometimes it is easy to blame ‘the learning culture’. It’s easier than blaming the culture of leadership. On the other hand, many L&D departments find it hard to articulate their vision. This leaves them open to blame for a broken culture of learning at work. Learning may be happening informally, but not openly and effectively enough for an adaptable workforce, able to change with the times. Consider though that the problem might be more about how the value of learning is perceived among the workforce.
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