• #LT21UK
  • 10 - 11 February 2021
  • ExCeL London

Megan Corker

Megan Corker

Megan Corker

Digital Learning Consultant, NHS Business Services Authority
Megan is a digital learning consultant with 10 years experience working in teaching in FE and learning and development in a variety of private and public sector businesses. Currently working within a Learning and Organisation Development team for the NHS Business Services Authority, Megan combines technology with the need for social contact, via exploration, discussion, reflection and thinking time. Megan's work is grounded in the principles of encouraging colleagues to be curious about themselves, being self-aware about their own behaviours, motivations, strengths and development opportunities. Megan works to enable businesses to stop 'telling' within a parent/child relationship with their employees, and start engaging colleagues in exploring their own values and growth by understanding what colleagues really care about, to enable the growth of the organisation.

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