• #LTSF20
  • 10 - 11 february 2021
  • excel, london

Michael / Andy Ditchburn / Moorman

Michael / Andy Ditchburn / Moorman

Michael / Andy Ditchburn / Moorman

Managing Director / Learning Solutions Designer, ThinkBiscuit Media / Juvo Learning Solutions
Michael is the founder of ThinkBiscuit Media and an active member and mentor with the eLearning Network. With over 15 years’ experience in the learning arena, he knows his learning onions and leads the TBM team to deliver high quality digital learning solutions for clients around the world. Andy is Vice-Chair of the eLearning Network, Co-founder of Juvo Learning Solutions Ltd and a judge for the learning technology awards. Andy and the Juvo team specialise in bespoke digital learning solutions for global clients, helping to provide practical and engaging online learning experiences.

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