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What should you do and NOT do to achieve maximum ROI in L&D?

Monday 8 January 2024

What should you do and NOT do to achieve maximum ROI in L&D?

Chloë Sibley
What should you do and NOT do to achieve maximum ROI in L&D?

Learning technologies are indispensable tools for L&D teams looking to provide a seamless learning experience. Whether it’s an LMS or an LXP, harnessing its full potential is essential for learning teams looking to drive business impact and deliver ROI. Tom Pape from Jam Pan delivered an LT Webinar delving into key recommendations for learning platform success — and one significant pitfall to avoid!

Tom is Head of Learner Experience & Technology at Jam Pan, with with over 15 years of experience in the L&D and HR industry. Throughout his career, he has worked with several global brands, including HSBC, BT, and Sky, supporting them to develop and implement effective learning strategies to improve employee performance and drive business growth. Here, Tom discusses the importance of generating powerful return of investmnt (ROI), a topic that gets a lot of interest in the industry, including tips that the audience can take away and use in their organisation.


Achieving your best: All about ROI success

Tom kicked off the session with one simple question to the audience: 'Why are you here?' The audience gave a range of responses, including: 'To get ideas of how to evidence ROI with reliable data', 'To help me understand what I should be measuring and how to help my organisation see the value of L&D', and 'Embarking on a project to replace our multiple LMS's shortly, want to learn from everyone else what I should watch out for.' The overall consensus was that the topic of ROI is really important to talk about in L&D, but often hard to achieve measurable success. Tom mentioned that in the L&D industry, 'We're all challenged in our world what return on investment actually looks like.' 

Tom went into his recommendations for learning platform success:


Ensure your learning platform remains adaptable to your emerging business and technologies.


Understand the initial expenses alongside the long-term benefits of your platform over time.


Explore the capabilities of your platform to scale smoothly with user demands and tailor to your organisation's needs.


Harness the power of data-driven decision-making by collecting and analysing information to enhance the experience.

Tom expanded on the utilising scalability, customisation and reviewing your tech stack. He said to start with research; getting to the bottom of what problems you're actually trying to solve, before moving to assessment — what technology do you need for this? The next step was to investigate whether you can maximise what you already have, or if you need to invest in something new. After that, the integration step is key to discovering whether this new technology will enhance, or hinder, your current learning ecosystem. And finally, the final step is to test a pilot of the new technology and learn from the results.

After delving into what to do to achieve maximum ROI success in your organisation, Tom went onto share what not to do. In his expert opinion, he said the one thing to avoid is impulsive buying. This means rash and unplanned purchases, which often results in the dreaded 'buyer's remorse' and causes difficulties during implementation and adoption.

You can find out more on this interesting topic by watching the webinar for free below!


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