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Our webinars, powered by the Learning & Skills Group, explore the latest and greatest in Learning & Development. Here you can watch the free recordings on-demand anytime, anywhere.

L&D in 2024: what the AI noise tells us about L&D | 4 April 2024

Donald H Taylor looks back over more than a decade of results of the L&D Global Sentiment Survey to put the 2024 results in context, and find the true signal in the noise competing for our attention. 

Build better L&D: from training to learning to development | 21 March 2024

Organisations must move beyond simple training to stay competitive. By delivering creative learning, companies can engage staff to build true talent development. Join Schoox as they discuss steps to design successful L&D programs...

Like – Comment – Share – Create: Lessons L&D pros can learn from social media | 21 March 2024

In this webinar, Cornerstone OnDemand will look at how bringing ‘consumer-based’ practices into the corporate learning eco-system can significantly increase learner engagement with a focus on what we can learn from social media.

Using AI for more than content generation | 7 March 2024

Saffron Interactive explore the current use of AI in business operations how L&D can use AI as a strategic partner to tackle workplace challenges including upskilling and reskilling, and using data insights to measure success and drive results.

Build, Buy or Both: The Ultimate LMS Content Library | 22 February 2024

Absorb Software guide you through the process of building your Ultimate LMS Content Library, covering the benefits of good content, the decision-making aspects of buying and tips for creating your own content.

Experiential and Blended Learning 3.0: How Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) is solving key L&D challenges | 22 February 2024

Learn why leading organisations such as Coca-Cola, Royal Air Force, PwC and many others have bought in to ARuVR’s Experiential & Blended Learning 3.0 and adopted XR as part of their L&D ecosystem.

AI-Powered Adaptive Learning for Business Alignment and L&D Efficiency | 8 February 2024

AI is top of mind, but how to best use it is not so clear. AI-powered adaptive learning is enabling efficiency, personalisation, and better assurance that skills are learned. Join Realizeit to see how this can deliver on your top goals in 2024.

Learning with Impact: Delivering outcomes in a changing world | 8 February 2024

Too much training is disconnected from meaningful outcomes Totara show you how to stop training your people to ignore you and the rest of HR and break down silos within your people function.

AI in L&D — will we move from talk to action in 2024? | 25 January 2024

Talk is easy — and there has been lots of talk around AI. Action is trickier — who's taking action with AI in L&D? What are they doing and how successful are they? Donald H Taylor and Egle Vinauskaite share where we've been and what 2024 will bring for L&D.

Are 'Operations' the new 'L&D'? | 25 January 2024

Are L&D teams out of the loop when understanding what their organisations need from them in support of their training requirements? Join Donald H Taylor and Jez Anderson as they debate how L&D needs to adapt and react to the new role it needs to play.

Learning technology ROI: key things to consider, and one thing NOT to do. | 14 December 2023

Jam Pan explore the key ways to harness the full potential of your learning tech investments, along with one critical mistake to avoid — focusing on cost, scalability, data and avoiding impulsive buying.

Employee Engagement and the Power of Personalisation | 14 December 2023

In this webinar, Huler explore why a 'one-size-fits-all' approach no longer works in today's workplace, and why personalisation is paramount for achieving maximum engagement. You'll also take away some tried and tested strategies for success.

The Great Reset: Why We Need to Rethink Organisational Learning | 30 November 2023

Nigel Paine offers practical steps to take your organisation forward by rebuilding and re-imagining what learning and development could look like in a different environment.

AI-Powered Learning Transformation: The AICPA & CIMA Success Story | 16 November 2023

Join GP Strategies to discover how AICPA & CIMA deployed a new ecosystem & harnessed AI for transformative L&D outcomes.

Future-Proofing Your Workforce: The Path to Skills-Based Learning | 16 November 2023

AI-powered skills-based learning is here. 360Learning break down the shift toward skills-based learning and how to make it work effectively for your organisation.

Driven by Innovation. Powered by AI. | 2 November 2023

Docebo explore the power of Generative AI in redefining the learning environment, including a live demo of their own application of this type of AI.

About How Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence can work together to develop a L&D program | 5 October 2023

Watch this recording with Preply as they show how they use AI to improve learning experiences.

The Skills-based Future Begins at Your Organisation | 5 October 2023

Degreed discuss the key elements to any skills-based organisation, and show how you jump-start your transformation to an SBO.

Leveraging the power of AI and Software Adoption to drive L&D Success | 21 September 2023

Omniplex Learning explore how AI can power up your content, and demonstrate how software adoption strategies can increase usage and engagement.

How to use AI to drive workforce productivity and performance | 21 September 2023

What can organisations do turn human capital into a competitive advantage whilst lowering attrition, increasing revenue and instilling resilience? Watch this webinar with Saffron Interactive to find out...

Predicting the L&D future: Looking back to look forward | 7 September 2023

The current interest in AI suggests L&D is guilty of following trends, rather than building on solid foundations. Watch this session to hear Helen Marshall, THRIVE's Chief Learning Officer, dissect it all!

Beyond generative AI – how Artificial Intelligence will transform L&D | 7 September 2023

Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO of Area9 Lyceum and Donald H Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference, explore the different uses of AI in L&D, how it will affect organisations, individuals and L&D teams.

Death of the LMS: How to Stop Wasting Money and Start Making Impact | 22 June 2023

HowNow CEO & Co-founder, Nelson Sivalingam, gets to the bottom of what's driving disengagement with L&D and shares a tested blueprint to "win back" employee trust and drive impact.

Employee development — the day after tomorrow | 8 June 2023

Archipel Academy give you 4 threats the L&D industry is facing, 5 key aspects of this new era including the impact of AI, and 6 steps to achieve higher levels of engagement.

Upskilling for the enterprise: how to futureproof your workforce | 8 June 2023

Go1 and SAP discuss how enterprise companies can implement L&D programs at scale and how this will make our workforce more diverse, skilled, and informed.

Crafting the workplace metaverse exploring its potential | 6 April 2023

A panel of experts in the XR world explore how emergent Web3.0 technologies provide new opportunities for human connection, learning, and growth, at work

Sonesta Hotels Delivers a 5-Star Learning Program | 23 March 2023

Sonesta opens the door and shares the keys to their L&D success across fifteen brands — each with their own organisational structures, operational challenges, and training needs.

Learn More. Do More. Unlock More. | 9 March 2023

How does learning unlock more potential for your employees and organisation? We’ll explore areas where learning does more, such as meeting performance pressures and broadening your reach.

Black Mirror or Better? AI and the Learning Industry | 23 February 2023

When employed appropriately, AI can empower the modern learning designer to create more learner-centric experiences more quickly. So, what are the strengths and limitations of AI?

Upskilling and sustainable employability in the age of automation | 23 February 2023

How can we empower our teams to develop the 'human skills' needed to bridge that gap between people and technology?

Is AI good enough to deliver effective coaching at scale? | 9 February 2023

Watch this interactive session to explore how digital technology can democratise the traditional coaching experience!

Personalized Job Skilling across All Learning Moments | 9 February 2023

Discover how adaptive learning is the key to modernizing your strategy by connecting learning to performance through personalisation.

What does data mean in L&D? | 26 January 2023

Data is a big topic no matter what industry or profession you work in, and L&D is no different. But what does data mean today in L&D?

Building Communities of Practice with Totara Engage at the Met Office | 26 January 2023

Malcolm Taylor from the UK's national weather service shares how they use Totara Engage to optimise their future-proof learning community.

Trends in 2023 is this (finally) the year of AI, personalization and adaptive learning? | 12 January 2023

What does this year hold for the L&D industry? Join Ulrik Juul Christensen who explores the potential hot topics for 2023.

Why upskilling is key for business survival | 12 January 2023

Join Sara Tindall and Laurent Balagué to learn how to upskill a global workforce and transform L&D into a business partner.

Rethink Procedural Training with Virtual Reality & Games | 1 December 2022

Stephen Baer and John Blackmon discuss why you need to revamp your training to be more active, engaging and immersive — and use VR and games to achieve this.

5 Key Challenges L&D Teams Face and How to Overcome Them | 17 November 2022

Join David James to learn how to make an impact without a big budget, and why the art of understanding your learners using performance analysis methods is crucial.

Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams, Viva Learning and LMS365 | 17 November 2022 

Travis Damgaard Campbell dives into how to maximise your Microsoft ecosystem for corporate learning, including how to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Viva Learning.

Transform Instructor-Led Activities into Interactive E-Learning with Storyline 360 | 3 November 2022

David Anderson will walk you through what you need to know about transforming instructor-led training activities into attention-grabbing interactions, using Storyline 360 and more.

A pragmatic guide to creating a learning culture that improves employee engagement and organisational agility | 3 November 2022

Sarah Mian discusses practical ways to utilise formal and informal approaches to create a continuous learning culture, addressing the needs of employees as well as the business.

Is AI currently good enough to deliver coaching and personalised skills development at scale? | 20 October 2022

Ian Hilder and Molly Courtice explore whether AI is ‘human’ enough to provide coaching at scale, can accelerate skills acquisition — and the evidence.

How the Workforce Learns: 15 Things Your Learning Culture Needs to Get Right | 6 October 2022

Paresh Parmar shares what key elements all positive learning cultures have in common to improve worker retention, and how you can implement one.

Virtual Reality in learning is happening now! Who, Why and How. | 6 October 2022

Join Mehdi Daoudi and Janet Donaldson as they present a practical demo of how to become a VR Learning designer in 1 day!

The Power of true Workflow Learning | 22 September 2022

How do you design learning that's moving away from the classroom and into the workflow? Join workflow learning pioneer Bob Mosher to find out.

Learning in the flow of work: Making it a reality for your workforce | 22 September 2022

Having a virtual “hand” to help your team through their day-to-day tasks has long been the “dream” of L&D professionals – join Nicholas Holmes who wants to make this into a reality.

Journey to Extraordinary: developing skills to improve performance and retention across your organisation | 28 July 2022

Join Ben Betts to find out how learning and development can move from just implementing their organisation's strategy to helping drive it.

Reimagining workplace learning: Can rapid digitalization survive without cultural innovation? | 14 July 2022

Nahdia Khan shares insight from the Mind Tools Annual L&D Benchmark Report which draws on over 19 years of longitudinal research within the L&D community.

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