London UK 2022

London UK 2022


Dates and Venue

9-10 February 2022 | ExCeL London

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The Learning Technologies Digital Series, powered by the Learning and Skills Group, continues on Thursday, 25 Nov 2021, with our next webinar: 'Don’t you think you should pay some attention to organisational learning as well?' with Dr Nigel Paine, CEO Ltd. and Presenter, Learning Now TV. Please see below for more details and to register for free.


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So when you need organisations to pivot and demonstrate agility,  a bunch of competent individuals are more likely to leave than work together to solve those significant challenges. When the organization learns, insight, knowledge and expertise are shared and the insight is bigger than any single individual. Why have we forgotten this simple and well-researched truth?
Let’s explore:
  • Why individuals learning in an organization, is not the same as organisational learning
  • What an organisational brain might look like
  • How we might begin to build an organisational learning strategy
  • When Etienne Wenger's communities of practice came of age
  • If we do this, what happens?

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Conference videos

Conference videos

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Dante Frederick & Clare Dillon - Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been top of L&D’s agenda for some time, as organisations try to keep up with the pace of technology. But true transformation is not just about digitising traditional processes. It is a shift in mindset and behaviour that transcends shiny new tools and systems.

Christine Locher - Values and decision making 

Too often we can have a great idea, or a good feeling about what we should do next, but our environment conspires against us to make decisions tougher than they need to be. This session is designed to help you cut through the complexities of modern business to understand what truly matters in your decision-making process, and what is just background noise.

Patti Shank - Design content

Writing for instruction differs from other kinds of writing. People who write for instruction write specifically for clarity, comprehension, and use. We certainly don’t want what we write to make it harder to learn. But unfortunately, some instructional content does just that!



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