London UK 2025

Dates and Venue

23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Exhibitor News

  • As we move into a world where content can increasingly be spun out at the click of a button with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) the question around how and what we produce to support wor ...
  • Creating a self-directed learning culture

    Monday 20 May 2024 Helen Marshall
    Thrive’s Roundtable Event at London’s Soho House brought together 20 learning and development leaders from a mix of industries to exchange ideas, confront challenges and share strategies that would le ...
  • How Immersive Learning Can Transform Your Safety Training

    Monday 20 May 2024 Liesl Twaalfhoven
    Do you struggle with keeping your employees engaged during mandatory safety training? With workplace safety being a top priority for many organizations, traditional training methods often fall short i ...
  • Skills-first organisations: start now and iterate

    Monday 20 May 2024 Conor Gilligan
    With 8-in-10 organisations facing immediate skills shortages, the skills-first organisation is becoming an attractive solution for leaders who want more responsive and agile workforces. According to D ...
  • AI won’t replace your e-learning job, but it will transform it. Prepare to capitalise on future growth opportunities by sharpening these high-demand skills. Amidst talk of AI’s impact on work, there’s ...
  • David James discusses how AI tools like SkillsGPT can change the skills ontology game and explore how adopting a skills-based approach can be an all-inclusive strategy for learning and development.
  • Are L&D and HR ready for skills-first workplaces?

    Wednesday 24 April 2024 John Freshwater
    In today’s ever-changing workplace, traditional HR and learning practices are struggling to keep pace. HR and learning leaders are tasked with preparing and adapting their workforces for AI, automatio ...
  • Create learning with IMPACT

    Wednesday 24 April 2024 Lars Hyland
    Your action plan to better learning and performance outcomes In today’s competitive landscape, organisations invest significant resources in learning and development initiatives. But how do you know i ...
  • How small L&D teams can make a big impact

    Wednesday 24 April 2024 Alex Mullen
    How can your small L&D team make the biggest possible impact on your business? Being a part of a small L&D team - even if it is a team of one - doesn’t mean your impact has to be small. Even with limi ...

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