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Learning Technologies 2024 Awards: Your guide to success

Monday 15 July 2024

Learning Technologies 2024 Awards: Your guide to success

Chloë Sibley
Learning Technologies 2024 Awards: Your guide to success

The Learning Technologies Awards are a prestigious moment in the learning and development world, celebrating the hard work and dedication to the industry. Every year since 2011, a glittering gala evening brings the L&D community together in the heart of London.

With the 12th edition a few months away, we want to make sure you have everything you need to be in the chance of joining us on 13 November 2024. The entry and submission deadline is fast approaching – you have until Friday, 26 July to enter you and your team for a fantastic opportunity.

There’s 20 categories to choose from, and you’re not limited! You can enter as many categories as you want, including the brand new ‘Best use of AI in learning’ category for 2024. This ensures that you and your team have the best opportunities available to showcase your innovations and achievements to the world. All entries are assessed by our independent judging panel, The Learning Network.

Let’s dive into what this could all mean for you and your organisation, as we share what past winners and participants thought of their experience, and top tips to help you succeed…


Taking centre stage: The glittering gala evening

One of the top reasons to enter the Learning Technologies Awards is, undoubtedly, the gala evening in London. Set in the heart of the city a stone’s throw from Big Ben, the evening offers a decadent 3-course meal, live entertainment, and networking complimented by a champagne reception.

Over 800 L&D professionals are set to attend, meaning you and your team will have many opportunities unlocked – think meaningful connections, potential partnerships and, of course, fun conversations! The entertainment throughout the night involves comedy, live music, and some unique surprises harnessing the latest technologies

Learning Technologies Awards gala evening

But the impact of the Learning Technologies Awards does not start or end at the gala evening. The process of entering and presenting your work gives you fantastic experience, and if you become one of our lucky winners – this casts a spotlight on you and your team. Being a winner or even making the shortlist is something you can use to your advantage in your career; it showcases your hard work and enhances your reputation. 


Inspiration from the best: A glimpse into success



Our judging panel, The Learning Network, hosted the Learning Technologies Award Winners Showcase last year. This event delved deeper into the esteemed winners, where they were invited to share their experience being part of the awards and what got them their achievements.

Taking inspiration from Credit Suisse’s video, it’s clear that the awards are not just about innovative technology but also about the impact on learners' experiences and outcomes. The featured projects exemplify creativity, usability, and effectiveness, setting a high bar for entrants. Credit Suisse won ‘Learning technologies team of the year’ – the judges enthused about their output as team, saying their ‘…long-term investments in the team and long-term impact data clearly have changed the internal view of learning and the team’.

Other features in this showcase include Leonard Houx’s video, Director of Learning at Cambridge Education Group, explaining how he achieved ‘Learning designer of the year’. The judges said he ‘…provided an inspiring example of the intersection of technology, learning and teaching operating successfully. He has a deep understanding of his learners, and his learning design draws on quality research and theory.’

Buzz Bingo discussed how they won the gold award for ‘Best learning platform implementation. Their learning platform was extremely well-received, achieving easily-delivered ROI as part of a ‘well-planned, effective project’ judges said.

CEO of ARuVR, Frank Furnari, talked about his organisation’s achievement winning the ‘Best Digital Learning Transformation Programme’ award. ARuVR teamed up with UCL to deliver an ‘innovative and impactful project using VR and 360 imagery in the operating theatre to train a new generation of surgeons’. Judges remarked that this programme had significant impact on both the organisation and the learners!

By examining these success stories, you can gain insights into what makes an award-winning submission.


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Top tips for a winning presentation

Entering the Learning Technologies Awards requires more than just having a great product; it demands a compelling presentation. We’ve put together some tips to help you craft an award-winning submission:

  • Tell a story:
    • Engage emotionally: Create a narrative that connects with the judges on an emotional level. Explain the journey of your project from conception to execution, highlighting challenges and triumphs.
    • User impact: Share real-life stories and testimonials from users who have benefited from your technology. This not only demonstrates effectiveness but also adds a human touch.
  • Be clear and concise:
    • Focus on key points: Make sure your presentation is clear and to the point. Avoid jargon and ensure that even someone with little knowledge of your organisation can understand your message.
    • Visual aids: Use visuals such as graphs, charts, and videos to illustrate your points effectively. Visual storytelling can often communicate complex ideas more clearly than text alone.
  • Highlight innovation:
    • Unique features: Emphasise what sets your technology apart from others. Highlight any unique features or methodologies that demonstrate originality and creativity.
    • Future potential: Discuss the scalability and future potential of your project. How can it be expanded or adapted to continue making an impact?
  • Provide evidence:
    • Data and metrics: Support your claims with concrete data. Show improvements in learning outcomes, user engagement, or other relevant metrics.
    • Case studies: Include detailed case studies that show your technology in action; providing a clear link between your project and its positive outcomes.
  • Practice and refine:
    • Rehearse: Practice your presentation multiple times to ensure smooth delivery. This helps in refining your message and reducing any nervousness.
    • Feedback: Ask your colleagues or mentors to fine-tune your presentation! They can provide valuable insights and catch any potential issues you may have missed.
  • Be passionate:
    • Show enthusiasm: Your passion for your project should shine through in your presentation. Judges are more likely to be impressed if they see that you genuinely believe in the transformative power of your technology.
    • Connect with the audience: Engage with the judges and your audience as if you’re having a conversation with them. Make your passion and commitment evident.


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The Learning Technologies Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity to gain recognition for your innovative work in the education sector. By following these tips and drawing inspiration from past winners, you can craft a compelling submission that stands out. Remember – it's not just about showcasing a product; but telling a story of impact, innovation, and success.

Learning Technologies Awards gala evening

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