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Modernise your learning strategy through personalisation and AI coaching

Monday 6 March 2023

Modernise your learning strategy through personalisation and AI coaching

Chloë Sibley
Modernise your learning strategy through personalisation and AI coaching

Keeping your learning fresh and relevant is a challenge in a fast-paced technological age. On 9 February 2023, RealizeIt and Saffron Interactive each hosted an LSG Webinar that both explored how L&D professionals can reinvent their learning strategy as well as optimising what they already have.


As Vice President of Product Marketing, T.J. Kuhny is responsible for Realizeit's product marketing strategy, including market research, product positioning and messaging, content development and sales enablement. T.J. delivered the morning webinar, discussing why adaptive learning is key to modernising your learning strategy.


In the afternoon, Saffron Interactive gave a presentation about the power of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used for L&D coaching methods. Noorie Sazen, Director at Saffron Interactive, was joined by Sam Isaacson – CoachTech Thought Leader and Amazon #1 bestselling author.


How can you deliver personalisation across all learning moments?

T.J. kicked off the webinar by explaining what’s sparking the interest and need for personalisation in learning and development. He mentioned that ‘…it makes learning more efficient, and is a need that is just expected nowadays.’ T.J. opened the floor to the audience and asked, ‘What are you doing to personalise learning in your organisation today?’  One responded that they are ‘Using curated learning programs based on job roles’, but many people admitted they were not doing anything specific to drive personalisation.


T.J.’s discussion progressed to present his Learning Moments model, where he shared the process of how adaptive learning is absorbed. This starts from analysing personalised workflow in action, and taking it from onboarding to ongoing. He then expressed how every stakeholder is affected by personalisation – including learning designers, trainers/ coaches, and business leaders or managers, and how to make it work for all these members of your organisation. T.J. shared that at Realizeit, they use adaptive learning to build a pre-test, in order to work with people’s prior experience.


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How can AI coaching help with the skills challenge?

Noorie Sazen introduced the sessions with a powerful statement about how the logistics of AI could help prevent the ‘strategic coaching’ that some organisations entertain. The strategic coaching means there are always some people more likely to be promoted than others, an the unbiased nature of AI could help combat this. She asked the audience, ‘How does your organisation use coaching for skills?’ and a large majority of people said it mainly supports more senior management.


Noorie shared that ‘67% of HR leaders strongly agree that coaching leads to improved performance,’, hence Saffron Interactive’s investment in building the AI coaches. A big point of discussion from Sam Isaacson was Noorie’s presentation about making AI coaching a reality not just for a few people, but at scale. Sam shared some organisations that had developed a ‘big, global pool of thousands of coaches, who are subject to varying quality criteria…’ – but pointed out that the cost of both production and purchasing were the big obstacle for it being readily available at scale.


The audience shared some scepticism surrounding the connection a human can have with an AI coach. Noorie shared that from Saffron Interactive’s recent case study on the users of their AI coach, ‘80% felt supported by the coach and felt the coach was engaging.’


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