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Questions to ask in your post-course evaluations

01 Sep 2020

Questions to ask in your post-course evaluations

Allison LaMotte, International Marketing & Community Manager, Articulate
Questions to ask in your post-course evaluations

Since you’ve put in a great deal of time and effort to design a stellar e-learning course, it’s a good idea to include a post-course evaluation—or questionnaire—to gauge your learners’ reaction to the training. The information and feedback you gather can be used to help you improve future courses, so it’s an important step. 

You want to make sure you’re asking questions that give you helpful insights into how your learners perceived their training experience. Did the training cover the topics they thought it should cover? Were the scenarios realistic? Were quiz instructions clear? These are just a few examples but there are tons more!

In fact, there are so many possibilities that it’s not always easy coming up with the right ones. That’s why I’ve pulled together the following list of questions for you. Not only can you pick and choose from this list depending on which are most relevant to your project and subject matter, but you can also use these as a starting point for coming up with your own evaluation questions. 

Learner expectations

  • Rate your understanding of course expectations.

  • Did the course cover the content you were expecting?

  • What additional topics would you have liked this course to cover?

  • What topics, if any, did you feel were unnecessary?

Course structure and content

  • Did the course flow in a logical order?

  • Did all of the content feel relevant with respect to the objectives? 

  • Do you feel like this course will help you to work more efficiently?

  • How confident are you that you’ll be able to apply the new knowledge or skill in your day-to-day work?

  • Was the level of detail too much, too little, or just the right amount of information? 

  • Were the examples presented in the course, realistic or stereotypical? 

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this e-learning course? 

  • What part of the course did you find most useful?

  • Identify three important concepts or ideas that you learned in this course.

  • Identify three ways you will change how you do your job based on what you have learned.

  • Offer two suggestions to make the course content easier to understand.


  • Do you feel like the quizzes and tests helped to you understand the material and/or accurately portrayed your understanding of the material?

  • Were the questions worded clearly?

  • Were the detractors (incorrect answers) realistic, too obvious, or too subtle? 

  • Rate the variety of types of quiz questions.

  • Was the quiz feedback timely and relevant?

  • Did the quiz feedback present new knowledge?

  • Did you feel like there were just enough, too few, or too many quizzes?

  • Did the quizzes test only the material presented in the course?

  • How could the exams be improved?

  • Were the review sections - before the quizzes - useful?

  • Did the practice questions help you to learn the material?

Time and effort

  • How much time did you spend on this e-learning course?

  • Was the amount of time it took to complete this course appropriate?

Pace and navigation

  • Did you find the pace of the course was just right, too fast or too slow? 

  • Did you feel like you had enough control over the course’s pace or would you have liked more? Explain.

  • Did you always understand where you had to click to move forward? If not, explain.

  • Did you have a hard time figuring out how to access the course? If so, explain.

Visual design

  • Rate the overall visual design of the course content and materials.

  • Rate the legibility of the text and fonts.

  • Did you feel like corporate branding was respected (logos, corporate colours)?

  • Did the visual design support the key messages?

  • Were the animations included relevant or distracting?

Use of multimedia

  • Were there too many, too few or just the right number of images, videos, etc?

  • Were images clear, high-quality, helpful and professional?

  • Was the amount of audio used just right, too much or too little?

  • Rate the quality of audio used in the course.

  • Was the amount of narration just right, too much or too little?

  • Was the narrator easy to understand?

  • Rate the pace of the narrator’s speech.

  • Did the narration add value to this course? Explain.


  • Did you feel like the amount of interactivity was just right, too little or too much?

  • Did you use any of the external resources that the course suggested? Explain.

  • Did the activities help you to gain a clearer understanding of the subject? 

Overall experience

  • Based on this experience, would you take another e-learning course? 

  • Did you encounter any technical problems during the course? If so, please elaborate.

Alisson LamotteKeep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, just some ideas to point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for more information on post-course evaluations, check out these helpful articles.


Allison LaMotte
International Marketing & Community Manager

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