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13 Feb 2020
Track 5 - Implementation

Compliance has become something of a dirty word in modern L&D. Scarred by years of mandatory training efforts from the classroom to click-next e-learning, it might seem that compliance is doomed to be a burden. Or could it actually be an opportunity? It is a driver for so much learning in organisations today that finding ways to make it engaging and exciting could be just what L&D needs. Here we tackle this tricky topic and uncover what’s really possible.

Kick-starting compliance in the digital era

Regardless of your industry sector, there are elements of compliance that affect every organisation. And despite the experience and expertise of your people, there is always a need to demonstrate that you have provided all the relevant details and they have absorbed at least some of this information. But how you do this in the digital age is up for grabs. With an unfavourable legacy, can compliance ever really showcase what L&D is truly capable of? Today’s mix of digital resources and increasingly data-driven approaches to learning, means anything is possible. This session, based on real-word examples, will explore:

  • How to think about compliance differently
  • Why compliance is a huge opportunity for L&D
  • Re-imagining the compliance experience
  • Harnessing data to tailor compliance learning
  • Linking compliance to business performance and goals




Anthony Williams, Global Learning Design Manager - Costa Coffee
Louise Vamvoukaki, Director - Sustainability Education and Engagement - AstraZeneca

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