London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T2S2 - Learning analytics


T2S2 - Learning analytics

04 May 2022
Conference Theatre 2
Talent and learning , AI, data, analytics and impact , Future L&D
How does data link to L&D action, impact and decision making? That’s the gold thread in the new world of learning and development, where understanding data means a lot more than just producing a dashboard of L&D activity. Join this session to see how to most of your data and analytics by making the link through to valuable action.


Using data to understand the link between engagement, adoption and impact - and then taking action
Peter Manniche Riber

If you have a technology platform of any sort, you have data, lots of data. But do you have data from the right sources (the business, not just L&D)? And are you doing more than simply reporting on that data? This sessions looks at how we can use data to understand where L&D is working, how to improve it, and how to link L&D’s activity through to impact on the business.

  • Feeding your data lake with the right sources
  • Using data to improve engagement with L&D
  • Creating and tuning behavioural nudges based on data
  • Exploring correlations between L&D and operational data
  • Data principles you can adopt and work to


A single source of truth: how learning analytics drives innovation and decision making at Novartis
Timothy Dickinson

In an ideal world, organisational data comes from a single, pure, trustworthy source. It’s the foundation that decision making can be confidently built on. The reality in almost every organisation is that data comes from a range of sources, in different formats, and with varying degrees of reliability. Making your systems share data is no simple task, but for today’s organisations, it is essential.

  • Integrating learning systems and their data
  • Working with legacy systems – especially LMSs
  • Creating different types of dashboards
  • Navigating the complex politics to do this effectively
  • Moving from historical transcripts to real-time data


Hannah Gore, Learning Experience Director - Tessellate Learning
Tim Dickinson, Global Head of Learning Systems & Innovation - Novartis
Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning & Analytics - Novo Nordisk

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