London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T5S5 - Agile L&D


T5S5 - Agile L&D

05 May 2022
Conference Theatre 5
Professional development , Programme implementation , Tools and technologies
An agile approach is increasingly seen as the way for L&D to deliver more, faster. After all, who wouldn’t like more rapid response times, a closer understanding of people’s needs and a closer focus on business performance? In this session hear from L&D professionals who are working agilely to effect change in a faster, more flexible way.


Agile methods for L&D: how being user-led, iterating fast and focusing on performance transform the learning approach
Jodie Pritchard
Richard Kerridge
Sebastian Tindall

‘Agile’ is a well-defined methodology, but it’s also an approach, a mindset towards tackling any problem. In contrast to a traditional waterfall, step-by-step method, it involves rapidly producing ideas, testing and re-iterating them, all the while in close communication with those we’re aiming to help. In L&D this means drawing on data, user experience and other sources to rapidly improve the learning content we create, all whilst maintaining a laser focus on performance. This session shares the keys to doing this, and explores the value of fast, data-driven experiments that result in rapid improvements.

  • Asking the right questions of people and data – and using your answers!
  • How the freedom to experiment and fail fast really does work
  • Getting the most out of low-cost cloud tools
  • Being clear about your processes in a traditional environment
  • Using data dashboards effectively


Julie Wedgwood, Digital Learning lead - Derbyshire County Council
Richard Kerridge, Learning Tech Strategy and Architecture - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jodie Pritchard, Head of Learning - Citizens Advice
Sebastian Tindall, Head of Learning & Development - Vitality

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