London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Smartphone video in business


Smartphone video in business

04 May 2022
Theatre 1
Content design , Tools and technologies

John Dixon and Ralph Tittley deliver a very different type of presentation - demonstrating the power of employee-generated video by creating content in front of the audience, using a smartphone.

John talks about the video revolution that’s happening in businesses all over the world; a revolution brought about by a combination of the pandemic and today’s generation of smartphones, which provide everyone with the facility to shoot, edit and distribute authentic and engaging video content, quickly and easily.

To prove this point, John and Ralph will demonstrate how to make a video, in front of the audience, in under 25 minutes   As Ralph edits the content together, John will give tips and pointers including how to present to camera and how to structure and create a compelling story before finally ‘premiering’ the video and distributing it to the audience via his smartphone.

The presentation looks at:

  • The capability of smartphones to produce and distribute high-quality video without having to commission production agencies
  • The benefits of having your employees enabled to create agile, regular and cost-effective content
  • The type of content you can create for your business; recruitment, induction, training, new product launches, HowTo demonstrations and employee profiles.
  • The importance of video in the business communication mix - bearing in mind that these days, people retain only 10% of what they read, compared to 95% of what they watch.
John Dixon, Managing Director - Brightest Bulb
Ralph Tittley, Technical director - Brightest Bulb Ltd

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