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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

isEazy: Driving the Electromobility Revolution with 'Future: Fast Forward'

Thursday 20 April 2023

isEazy: Driving the Electromobility Revolution with 'Future: Fast Forward'

isEazy Hall: S1-S7 Stand: M20
isEazy: Driving the Electromobility Revolution with 'Future: Fast Forward'
isEazy: Driving the Electromobility Revolution with 'Future: Fast Forward'

The business cluster 'Future: Fast Forward,' spearheaded by the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A., unveiled their project in Madrid on February 2 to boost electromobility and make Spain the European electric vehicle hub. isEazy, the leading tech company in e-learning solutions for companies, will aid in the production and digitization of knowledge and provide the technology to train all the professionals in the project's value chain.  

After raising 10 billion euros of investment between the partners and the Spanish Government's Next Generation Resilience and Transformation Funds, the cluster's 52 national and international companies will be able to develop their projects in 9 autonomous communities. This is the largest business conglomerate in the history of the Spanish automotive industry - 59.6% of the participants are SMEs - aiming to accomplish what the Minister of Finance and Public Function declared at the event as "a dream come true, showcasing the strength, resilience, and capacity for the reinvention of the Spanish automotive sector."  

The group will develop 86 projects to generate a revolutionary change in the automotive industry with a positive social, economic, and environmental impact in the future. In the words of the president of 'Future: Fast Forward,' Marc Riera, during the institutional act: "[the purpose is] to lay the foundations of a unique business collaboration model, capable of providing value, knowledge, talent, and experience so that we can move forward."  

isEazy: tech partner for the electromobility project ‘Future: Fast Forward’ 

To achieve this goal, it's essential to put into practice new knowledge that will be developed as research and innovation progress within the industry. For this reason, the project's main requirement is that the training resources must be concrete yet created quickly and easily. Additionally, they must provide different learning paths for electric vehicle professionals based on their needs and contain valuable, technologically advanced content.  

In this regard, isEazy will offer two of their e-learning solutions: isEazy Author, software for creating attractive and dynamic courses in a fast and independent manner without needing any prior experience in design or programming, and isEazy Factory, one of the most advanced content factories in the market to build personalized courses of high pedagogical level, design, and usability. With both solutions, the e-learning company will assist the conglomerate in digitizing the project's training and qualification processes. 

At the presentation ceremony, the President of SEAT S.A. stated that "2023 is a crucial year for the electrification of Spain. As an industry, we have the responsibility to be a force of transformation for the country. And this is what 'Future: Fast Forward' is all about". Through four panels, business leaders from major companies and SMEs that are part of the cluster have detailed the impact of the project on the carbon footprint, the Spanish automotive sector and economy, as well as the opportunities for employment, training, and knowledge digitization - which is the area isEazy will develop. 


About isEazy 

Leading technology company in e-learning solutions for developing training, communication, and corporate knowledge processes. isEazy offers companies an end-to-end e-learning experience, providing organizations with all the necessary tools to tackle any online training project. With over 20 years of experience and over 10 million users, the organization has successfully completed more than 100,000 projects in 90 countries for more than 1,000 clients thanks to a professional team distributed in its offices in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. 

isEazy offers seven e-learning tools of its own development: isEazy Author, a software for creating e-learning courses; isEazy Factory, a digital factory for creating training content; isEazy Skills, a technological solution for developing soft and digital skills; isEazy LMS, a state-of-the-art e-learning platform; isEazy Engage, a training app for frontline workers; isEazy ESG, an app designed to raise awareness, train, and mobilize the company around its sustainable development goals (SDGs). 





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