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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Assima Train

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Assima Train

Assima Hall: S3-S9 Stand: K01
  • Assima Train
  • Assima Train
  • Assima Train
Assima Train Assima Train Assima Train

Assima Train redefines application training, offering a revolutionary approach that brings unprecedented advantages. Experience a significant acceleration in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Production phases, ranging from 30% to an impressive 60% faster compared to conventional methods. The product introduces an immersive training environment that surpasses the limitations of traditional approaches, effectively replacing training clients and streamlining maintenance processes. With a remarkable 90% ease in adaptation to agile methodologies, Assima Train ensures a seamless and efficient training lifecycle.

Unlock unparalleled agility in data management with Assima Train. Updating training material becomes a breeze as changes need to be applied only once, effortlessly generating multiple data sets. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces redundancy in content creation. Embrace a cost-effective and linguistically versatile solution with Assima Train's language capabilities, offering a remarkable 75% savings compared to the conventional need for re-recording and recapturing content. Elevate your training experience with Assima Train's unique benefits, setting new standards in application training.


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