London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


Open eLMS

01 Feb 2022

Open eLMS

e-learning WMB Ltd Hall: S1-S7 Stand: K55
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Open eLMS Open eLMS

56 things Open eLMS does!

Core Features

1 Configuration Options    

No two customers are ever the same.  

We include 200 configuration options in Open eLMS.  We cater for every need (else we quickly add another option).

2 Accessibility    

We at Open eLMS strive to make our system accessible for all.    We regularly audit Open eLMS against standards WCAG 2.1 at conformance level AA.  This ensures it can be accessed by everyone regardless of disability. You can change settings to accommodate your individual needs

3 Branding    

Brand Open eLMS to match your organisation. Change anything including logos, fonts, colours, messaging and images.

4 Configurable user roles & permissions    

We give you the option to configure any role with over a hundred editable permissions.

You will only gain access to functionality you need for your role. This makes Open eLMS easier to use.

5 Data migration    

Move your data from any existing system to Open eLMS.  

We can move any HR and learning data effortlessly for you.

6 Ergonomics    

Open eLMS is designed by an ergonomist.  Ergonomists are clever people who spend their lives making stuff easy to use.

Using Open eLMS is like reading a book from left to right.  There should be no need to "work out how to use it".

7 Groups

Groups give us shortcuts for assigning learning.  Groups are also useful for reporting on the data.

'New hires', ‘Fire Safety Officers', 'Financial Controllers' are examples of groups.  Groups exist across many different departments.

8 Mobile friendly    

We build Open eLMS for all devices.  

You can access the same learning on a mobile or computer.  Learn wherever you are!

9 Notifications & Reminders    

We pack Open eLMS with around 50 out of the box email notifications.  These will let you know when learning is assigned you have moved off a waiting list.  

Administrators pick and choose which notifications to use.  You can even create new ones.

10 Organisational Structure

You have a unique organisational structure.  You use your own labels and hierarchy.

Open eLMS customises the data structure to match your unique requirements. 

11 Management Information Systems

We export data directly to Power BI.  Data is updated continuously. 

12 Reporting    

We pack Open eLMS with reports.  We include reports such as skill scans, skill matrices, learners falling behind, manager performance reviews.  

You can also add your own.  Select from nearly 100 different fields.

Print, export or schedule reports for repetition.  Export options include Excel and Power BI.

13 SCORM    

We like SCORM.  It's the standard which let's Open eLMS play elearning from any supplier.

Note we also track learning using xAPI.  We track all learning from classroom training to YouTube video.

14 Security    

We take data protection very seriously.

Open eLMS is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified. Our hosting is also ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3, FedRAMP, HITRUST, MTCS, IRAP and ENS.

15 Service Levels    

We promise you our services will be up 99.99% of the time.  We add this to every contract we sign.

We duplicate services over a number of locations.  If our primary server is knocked out, our secondary server takes over.

16 Single Sign-On (SSO)    

You can use Single SIgn On (SSO) to login securely.  SSO does not require you to remember a password.

We can work with any system e.g. Azure AD, Google Workspace etc.

Flexible Learning

17 API    

Integrate your LMS with all your software systems using the Open eLMS API.

For instance from your HR system you can ...

  • Add/remove users

  • Assign learning

  • List learning and skills for each learner

18 Automation

Set up Open eLMS and walk away.  Open eLMS is an automation dream.

Open eLMS synchronises data with HR, assigns learning and sets alerts.

Open eLMS also learns how you learn through AI.  We use this data to recommend further learning. 

19 Badges    

We believe in celebrating achievement.

We use the Open Badge standard to allow you to share those achievements through badges.  Post them on any social platform you like.

20 Blended learning

Open eLMS blends your online learning materials into a classroom setting.  

Integrate your lesson with Zoom and Teams.  We will then automatically send out invites and reminders.  

MIss your lesson, then don't worry.  Open eLMS also records your learning sessions so you can access them any time!

21 Deletion Policies

Define policies in Open eLMS to delete data after a certain amount of time.

Data will have different shelf lives depending upon the GDPR requirements.  Open eLMS will delete the data for you accordingly.

22 E-commerce    

Turn your LMS into the Amazon of learning.  

Assign prices, select discounts and add shopping carts.

23 Enrollable Courses    

Create a culture of self study.  

Encourage learners to find learning to enhance their own skills as they see fit.

24 ePortfolio    

We store all learning on a 'video on demand' style interface for each learner.  This is called an 'e-Portfolio'.

Learners can revisit every learning resource they've completed.  View past classroom lesson recordings.  Examine work they have previously uploaded.

25 Form Creation

We think forms are very exciting.  Why?

Forms allow you to onboard personnel.  Forms allow you to attest to policies.  Forms allow you to conduct personnel management reviews.

Your options are limitless with custom forms.  Create your form, distribute it and await feedback. You receive alerts when those forms management sign-off.

26 Gamification    

Make your learning fun! 

You can encourage friendly competition.  Open eLMS adopts leaderboards and award badges. 

27 ID Checking    

The Open eLMS Forms service checks passports and drivers licences.  

With Open eLMS Forms you can be 100% sure about who is accessing the system.

28 Integrations

Open eLMS integrates with numerous HR and CRM applications out of the box.  We call Open eLMS  ‘Open’ for a reason.

We are LTI Certified and have the Open eLMS API.  Open eLMS can integrate with almost any system.

29 Learning pathways    

We use pathways to link learning to each other.

Start learning a single module.  You will then receive further learning when you need it.  This learning pathway is uniquely suited to you.

You can also insert questionnaires and queries into the pathway.  These affect your next step on the pathway.

30 Learning Portals/Multiple Tenancies

Host many organisations on the same learning portal.  

Each organisation has a customised learning experience.  We ring fence data for added security between organisations.

31 Machine Learning (COMING SOON)    

We know what you're thinking!

In fact we can't be sure, but we do know what you're learning.  We also know what others are learning.  We can also make assumptions about you will want to learn next.

Machine learning guesses what you want to see next.  Spooky!

32 Multilingual interface    

Open eLMS translates into 108 different languages from Afrikaans to Zulu.

Create elearning with AI voice overs in up to 29 different languages.

Open eLMS is made in the UK with a global perspective.

33 Pack and Go    

When your time at a company is over you need to take all the work you have submitted with you.

Use the 'Pack and Go' option to do this.  Learning lasts for the length of your life, not your current job.

34 Programmes of Learning

Create programmes which last months  or even years!  

Map learning to objectives or curriculums. Time learning so you learn as and when you need to. Get alerts automatically.  

Open eLMS delivers any learning programme or qualification from the simplest induction programme to a 3 year degree course.

35 Qualifications    

Qualifications have a curriculum with many levels against which learners need to evidence learning.

Set up qualifications and award points to show adherence.  Open eLMS allows you to set up any type of qualification from Apprenticeships to National Vocational Qualifications.

36 Queries

Queries automate processes and save you time.

Queries review your job, department, prior learning, goals etc  and assign the learning you need at any time in your learning journey.

37 Signposting (COMING SOON)

Embed learning on websites wherever it is needed.  Learn on a just in time basis.

Like YouTube your learning tracks back to the Open eLMS database.

38 Skill Scans

Skills scans are set for each learner and they run periodically.  

Skill scans allow you to examine how underlying skills improve over time.

39 Skills, Competencies and CPD

Learning improves skills and enhances competencies.  Open eLMS tracks these achievements. 

Completing a course awards you CPD points. Achieve a target number of CPD points and get a skill.  Get awarded a series of skills (e.g Leadership) and you get a skill set (e.g. Senior Management). Introduce skills and competencies into your LMS with Open eLMS.

40 Social learning tools    

We pack Open eLMS with a host of social learning tools.  Set up discussion groups around lessons so students can share their wisdom.  We also allow you to integrate other tools such as Google's Jamboard and Yammer.

Communicate with your peers and trainers using integrated webinar tools such Teams, Zoom etc.

When you finish learning you can share your achievements on LinkedIn and Facebook using badges.

41 Upload Learning    

Learning is a bottom up process (as well as the traditional top down delivery of learning).

Learning takes place through experience.  Record this experience by directly uploading any learning to your e-Portfolio.  

Use this learning to revise topics, evidence learning or simply to record something brilliant!

42 Webinar integration    

We seamlessly embed Webinar tools into Open eLMS.  

Zoom and Teams invites are sent for each meeting or lesson.  Invites are sent.  Outlook calendars updated. Online classes integrate with the learning resources available.

44 White-labeling    

We allow you to completely remove all Open eLMS branding.

We don't imagine you would want to.  But we will understand.

Learning Content

44 Audits and surveys

Create audits and surveys directly within Open eLMS.  

Find out how effective your learning is.  Audit your work environment.  Carry out a risk assessment.  There are limitless possibilities with Open eLMS Creator's audit creator.

45 Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a mix between qualifications and programmes of learning.

Run your apprenticeship programmes on Open eLMS.  Draw down money from the UK Government and compile ILR information

46 Bespoke Development

We are owner-authors of all Open eLMS products and services.  We are not simply reskinning Moodle or Totara.  We are totally flexible to your needs.

Want a new elearning course?  A system customisation?  

Ask us, we are there to help.

47 Customisable Learning Resources

Add any learning type of learning resource.  We provide you with options in Open eLMS to make this happen.

48 eLearning Creation    

Create all the elearning you need using the Open eLMS Creator system.

Open eLMS Creator has a drag and drop interface.  It takes minutes to learn. It uses a vast media library of videos, animation, images, templates and courses which has taken 15 years to compile.

We think Open eLMS is the best elearning creation tool available.  You can see examples in the 250 editable courses in Open eLMS Catalogue.

49 Envato Elements    

Import images and video directly into your elearning using Envato Elements.

This is one of the largest media libraries in the world directly embedded into Open eLMS. You will need to pay them money though.

50 Go1    

Go1 is the largest learning library in the world.

You can access it from within Open eLMS.  Again you will need to pay them money for this.

51 Import Scripts    

Write your script in Word/Google Docs.  Import it into Open eLMS.  eLearning is created automatically.

We think this is really cool.  

52 Micro Learning

Microlearning from H5P consists of small games, interactive videos, surveys etc which you can embed into your learning.

Shake up your learning delivery with H5P.

53 News Feeds

Anders Pink is a third party news service.

Get the latest curated news feeds on any topic directly to each learner.  Again this is an extra service which you will need to pay for.

54 Open eLMS Catalogue    

Open eLMS is supplied with 250 amazing elearning courses aimed mainly at business.  

Edit any of our elearning using Open eLMS Creator.  The courses are also CPD accredited.

55 Quizzes

Create your own quizzes with Open eLMS.  

Choose from multiple choice, multiple select, fill in the blank, drag and drop questions.

You can also use TurnItIn for more detailed proctoring.

56 YouTube Playlists    

We like to make things easy for you.  Import playlists from YouTube and all the metadata is loaded in. 




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