London UK 2025

Dates and Venue

23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Optimal impact with e-learnings

Optimal impact with e-learnings

Learning Content Factory Hall: S3-S9 Stand: G75

Optimal impact with e-learnings

Learn at your own pace...
Content that is current and immediately available....
Track progress easily...
See results with a simple touch of a button...
Save costs and time...

An e-learning provides the solution for your learning needs!

The perfect fit!

To know which e-learning is right for your organization, our creative consultants will ask you all the questions that form the basis for a perfect fit e-module.

Whether your organization chooses an interactive e-learning or a complete virtual reality, it has to stimulate people to want to learn.

And a matching outfit

•Explainer video - turning a complicated story into an engaging view
•Learning bites/microlearning - learning in small steps
•Animation - the imagination of words
•Gamification - leaderboards, point systems, different levels, badge rewards, etc.
•Virtual reality - experiencing in 'practice' from your chair|
•360°/3D view - tangible learning
•Film/video - whether it is an introduction, product presentation or thank you note
•Infographic - a picture says more than a thousand words
•Visuals/graphics - add color to your learning journey
•Photography - make your story personal

Elles Duijn
Instructional Design Consultant
Learning Content Factory
T +31(0) 6 29413861


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