London UK 2025

Dates and Venue

23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London



Hall: S3-S9 Stand: K01
  • Learning content tools
  • Performance support systems
  • Change management
  • Collaborative learning and technology
  • Content development and design

Revolutionise your workforce with Assima, the world's leading application training solution that sets you apart from the competition. Unlike any other platform, our patented Systems Training Platform creates editable clones, replicating your system processes for an unparalleled training experience.

Boost employee proficiency with hyper-realistic simulations, allowing them to practise, make mistakes, and master business processes in a risk-free environment. Click, scroll, use dropdown menus, and enter data into fields just like in the real system – no screenshots, just dynamic, editable replicas.

Unique Features That Set You Above The Competition

  • Create Training Material Quicker And Much Earlier In System Roll Out
  • Replace The Need For Costly Training Clients
  • Maintain Training Assets Exponentially Faster
  • Translate Entire Lessons Without Re-recording
  • Capture From Live Applications And Simply Replace Sensitive Data


As the world's most advanced Systems Training Platform, Assima enables you to deliver hyper-realistic learning experiences across applications, even before your production environment is complete. Track actions and content usage in real-time, identify weak spots, and enhance training continuously – no coding required. Create multiple data sets from a single source, and say goodbye to traditional IT training environments. Elevate your workforce with Assima – where we make your employees better, faster.


155-157 Minories
Albert Street
United Kingdom

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  • Assima Train

    Tuesday 13 February 2024
    Assima Train revolutionises application training with a 30-60% speed boost in User Acceptance Testing and Production. By replacing training clients, it streamlines maintenance (90% easier) for agile a ...
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