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Dos and don'ts for award submissions

The Learning Technologies Awards is an international contest.  Any organisation anywhere in the world, whether public, private or non-profit sector can enter, regardless of size or industry can enter. It receives hundreds of entries from across the world so competition for getting on the shortlist is fierce.  Here are some useful dos and don'ts you might like to consider.


…choose your categories carefully

We have 20 categories covering all aspects of learning technologies – from innovations, games, learning management systems, mobile and blended learning, through to the outstanding teams and individuals.  Category and criteria information can be found here.

Read the criteria for each category and compare them to your project's strengths.  It's possible that your project may fit into more than one category.

…stick to the criteria

All entries are judged solely on the points set out in the criteria.  You need to tell a story and convince the judges why your entry should be shortlisted but ensure you use the criteria as the backbone of your submission.  The judges cannot shortlist your entry unless you make it clear how it meets each point in the criteria.  Using the bullet points set out in each set of criteria as your headings is a good idea.

…. provide proper evidence

Judges will be looking for evidence to back up any key points.  This doesn't just mean cost savings, quotes from learners, etc. but also evidence of real business change, such as changes in productivity, happier customers, impact on staff retention.  You might also consider sending a concise survey to learners, managers and other stakeholders asking how your piece of learning technologies has changed how they do things.

…. remember the word count

We apply a strict word limit to all entries.  This makes it easier and less onerous for you to apply, ensures fairness for all entries and helps the judging panel assess hundreds of submissions.

The maximum allowed is 2,000 words and this includes appendices, PowerPoint slides or other accompanying written information.  The word count does not include the 100-word Executive Summary or any brief explanatory text to accompany images (but it must be kept brief). 

Remember that if your submission goes over the word limit by more than 10% it won't be judged at all, which would be a shame after all your hard work!

...make appropriate use of visual media

Graphics are great and can really bring a submission alive but can also act as a distraction to the points you are making.  If you have entered a design category it's useful for the judges to see a bit of the design/product rather than just writing about it

...check all URLs work properly

Ensure that any links to media, demos, products etc. are free from firewalls, and all necessary user and passwords are supplied with your submission.  Also ensure that any links are not too time limited, as judges could be viewing your submission anytime throughout August. 

...ensure your submission can be viewed on a range of devices

Keep in mind that the judging panel members may be viewing submissions on a range of devices, so ensure that your submission works on as many devices as possible – it’s tricky to judge something that cannot be accessed properly.  

….consider entering again even if you've previously been a winner or been shortlisted

Entries that have won awards, or been shortlisted before may still be eligible, so don’t shy away from defending your crown. There is also no limit to the number of entries you may submit or the number of categories you may enter.

….proof read your submission

Ensure you make good use of a spellchecker and grammar checker and try and get someone else to read it through before you send it to us.


…go 'off message'

Don’t make up your own rules about your submission - it may make perfect sense to you but if you don’t follow the criteria you probably won’t get shortlisted.

…just submit a sales pitch or marketing brochure

Some background about your product or organisation is good but don't waffle on about sales figures and marketing achievements unless they are definitely relevant to the criteria.

…assume 'one size fits all'

If you are entering multiple categories with the same project, then make sure you tailor your submissions for each category to ensure you reference each point of criteria.  Bear in mind that judges often shortlist in more than one category.

…forget the deadlines

The deadline for entry registrations is 5.00 pm BST 30 June 2020. 

The deadline for all submissions is 5.00 pm BST 31 July 2020. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any submissions after this date to ensure that our judging panel has time to consider each and every submission properly and to make the competition fair for all competitors.

Final thoughts

Never too small, or too big

If you think your organisation is too big or too small to win a Learning Technologies Award, then think again!  Many of the past winners have been multinational organisations, but the smaller organisations and teams have won some of the major awards as well. 

Quality not quantity

The judges are not looking for a flashy, big budget submission and would rather read about learning effectiveness than learning gimmicks.  A rigorous approach stands out a mile - know your design credentials, demonstrate your understanding about the psychology of learning and ensure you show this off in your submission.

Top tips

Read the thoughts of Chris Robinson from Boost Marketing on what makes a successful submission.

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