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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category C

C - Excellence in the design of learning content - commercial sector


A change in leadership practice and mindset has been a top priority for many organizations in recent times. In the light of evolving megatrends, this discussion is picking momentum. These megatrends provoke an unprecedented impact on the way of working and are leading to shifts in leadership skill sets. #lead supports this shift and responds by combining various learning elements in an innovative and playful way. The design of the online modules in combination with the virtual instructor-led training promotes effective & engaging interaction resulting in an innovative learning experience designed to develop future skills sets.

EmPro and G-Cube Wedwide Software 

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Flow Learning

The Road to Recovery Suite is a collection of four digital learning resources created to help hospitality businesses recover from the pandemic’s effects on the sector. Released in October 2020, they were developed by Flow Learning, an Edinburgh-based digital learning company that specialises in content, software and platforms for hospitality.

The four topics were determined through a series of consultations with clients to gauge what would be the most helpful resources to them. The resources covered:

  • ways to build revenue in extremely challenging market conditions
  • adjusting business models to offer takeaway and delivery services
  • dealing with guest conflict arising from negative reactions to pandemic restrictions
  • remaining resilient in the face of difficult personal and professional circumstances

Flow Learning made the decision to offer these resources for free as a gift to the sector as it was going through an extremely tough period. They were released in English, Spanish and French.

Feedback from learners has been universally positive. The Suite’s use of a broad range of interactions and media was highly praised. As was the practical nature of the resources, developed in partnership with hospitality experts.

Holland & Barrett

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HPE and Upside (Adaptive Workspace)

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HPE and Upside (Mission Possible - Phase 2)

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International Compliance Association

International Compliance Association (ICA) is the world’s leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community. Developed together with Martin Woods, an internationally acclaimed financial crime professional, this product – Managing Suspicious Activity Report Investigations: Practical – is an immersive learning scenario which allows learners to practice the skills and behaviours needed to investigate and file SARs. Used in a range of industries, including financial services, gaming, property and legal services, SARs are submitted to report suspicions of financial crime to law enforcement bodies.

Ultimately, our collective objective is to stop money laundering and save lives. This training substantially contributes to this noble and important effort by improving the knowledge, capability and confidence of anti-money laundering professionals making difficult decisions in pressurised environments.

ISS and Upside

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Lloyds Banking Group and Limehouse

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Lloyds Banking Group - the UK’s biggest financial services company - needed to refresh their annual mandatory training on security to address the growing number of cyber threats faced by colleagues, both in and outside of work.

Working with partner agency Limehouse, the resulting training is an innovative, immersive and interactive journey through a fictional near-future environment, Cyber City, where learners encounter a range of characters, locations and stories through a rich and detailed variety of media, from Netflix-style crime documentaries to space station-based escape rooms.

Lloyd's Register and TalenTeam

When you combine an increasingly competitive marketplace, an urgent need to improve management practices, and a complete operational reinvention, you get quite the perfect storm for managers.

Launched April-2020, the new ‘Management Fundamentals Online’ programme at Lloyd’s Register is about as-different-a learning experience from its predecessor as imaginable. It combines in-house and curated external content, online group sessions and collaboration learning. Most importantly, rather than lengthy classroom sessions, learners now consume a self-managed calendar of bite-sized learning over 20-weeks.

The perfect storm was met head-on. High learner satisfaction, a substantial shift in perceived learner performance and an impact on customer experience and morale were all proven by a thorough evaluation.


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DHL Global Forwarding Ocean Freight (DGF-OF) want to re-engage, re-invigorate and re-focus their workforce.

DGF-OF priorities are to simplify through standardization, create a more unified Network, and focus on profitable growth. But just putting in place systems, structures, and processes would not have been sufficient to succeed.

DGF-OF wanted to equip team members with the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and behaviours to take the business forward. Enter: Mission: Possible – an immersive, technology-led, and interactive learning module that engaged DGF Ocean Freight team members to become Special Agents to defeat the C.H.A.O.S. getting in the way of DGF-OF’s success.

Origin Learning and MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company

MuleSoft LLC, a Salesforce company provides business agility to companies with an API-led approach to connecting applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. MuleSoft wanted to invest in a new and improved self-paced training experience, which would help its partners and clients to achieve certification.

MuleSoft and Origin partnered to design a taxonomy using a learner-centric design, which considered the whole learner experience and their context through all stages of design and development. They built an efficient and unique self-paced training experience that enabled them to not only achieve scale but extend beyond the traditional boundaries of their past self-paced training experience.

Rituals & TinQwise

Rituals and TinQwise developed the Book of Rituals, an online learning experience, providing onboarding, training, communication and a social connection for all Rituals employees, both in store and in the head office. The Book contains impactful learning experiences about our brand, products, new innovations, customer experience and store operations as well as soft skills and leadership skills. By offering this one-stop shop learning environment we can support our growth ambition and empower our employees worldwide to become passionate and confident Rituals brand ambassadors that live and love the brand. 

Stein IAS

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