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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category E

E - Best use of mobile learning  

Herbalife and Intuition Publishing

Intuition has worked with Herbalife since 2013 to deliver training to their diverse network of distributors globally helping improve product knowledge, build business acumen supporting commercial performance and meeting local regulatory requirements in countries such as the USA, India and Vietnam.  

In the last 12 months Intuition has worked closely with Herbalife to deliver a new mobile app called HNGrow focused on educating new distributors within the first 90 days of joining Herbalife. The app supports Podcasts, Badges, Certificates, sharing progress and content with other users and to social media in addition to user generated content and detailed analytics. 

Hong Kong Police College 

Police officers’ roles and responsibility often place them in an environment filled with risk and danger which may lead to health problems if their emotional fitness is not taken care properly.  In a proactive effort to address this issue, Hong Kong Police College launched an in-house-developed Mobile App “Happiness Charger” in 2019 for members of the Hong Kong Police Force, their families and friends with a view to offering a simple, flexible and effective way of continuous emotional support via mobile devices.  It is proven effective in facilitating officers’ positive emotions with results of better work performance and enhanced social relationships.

L'Oréal Travel Retail & Growth Engineering

The world’s largest cosmetic company and a market leader in online learning solutions have joined forces to create an unrivalled mobile learning app solution: My Beauty Club. 

The Growth Engineering Learning App was used to facilitate learning and development for L’Oréal Beauty Advisors working in travel retail locations. It proved to be the perfect fit for this audience.

Since it’s conception, territories from Singapore to Brazil have fallen in love with its social features, microunits and knowledge battles. Each territory has seen an incredible ROI, unparalleled completion rates and the creation of a thriving social community.

Make Real & Vodafone 

DriVe Safe is a mobile-based learning app aimed at improving driver behaviour. It was shortlisted for the 2020 LTAwards and based on the feedback received, we have resubmitted our application as the adoption and impact data is now far more comprehensive.

The learning app is designed to be a key component of Vodafone’s ‘Work Safe, Home Safe’ global H&S initiative. The game is targeted at markets such as India, Turkey and African nations where the H&S culture is challenging due to cultural, economic and geographic factors. In these markets, mobile devices are the primary source of engagement

Pembrokeshire College

The Audactive project was borne out of the power of mobile devices to read aloud, understand voices with the challenges of engaging contemporary learners, more comfortable to using smartphones than computers and keyboards. Audactive enables teachers to create learning activities so learners can have a ‘conversation’ with coursework and avoid using a keyboard. This facility is particularly useful for learners with barriers to learning or who need to learn on the move. The successful trials of Audactive in UK colleges have led to a new fully functioning mobile learning technology that enables learners to have a conversation with their coursework.

The Ivy House Award and PurpleMedia

The Ivy House Award is a blended learning programme, bringing executive-level personal and professional development to 15-18-year-old students in schools and colleges - at a time when it can make all the difference. Developing leadership and life skills, it gives students the knowledge and confidence to take ownership of their lives.

The Award is a flexible learning programme delivered via a bespoke LXP. It uses a powerful combination of videos, interactive quizzes, psychometric tools, exercises, discussion topics and an engaging personal action plan - delivered to students’ smartphones, tablets or laptops - combined with classroom-based facilitated discussions.

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