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Awards 2022

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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category K

K - Best online distance learning programme 

Colgate Palmolive and Upside Learning Solutions

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Deloitte and Solvd Together

Deloitte and Solvd Together reframed distance learning as a TV-quality production that delivered business outcomes and audience needs. The Analyst Induction Programme is a graduate induction delivered online and supported with physical assets sent to attendees in the post. It focuses on developing professional consulting skills through practical experience, and fostering a connection with the firm, its values and purpose. The AIP utilises rich media, digital learning platforms, webconferencing tools and a consumer-grade front-end to support graduates in their transition. It left stakeholders across the UK firm with a fresh perspective on distance learning and its potential impact.

Holland & Barrett

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The Sales Training Group at Schlumberger, the world’s leading Oilfield Service company, has historically offered a 5 day instructor lead training class delivered all over the world where the O&G industry is represented. From 2015 till 2020 the average number of learners taken through the 5-day Sales Skill program were 400 per year.

With the cyclical history of the O&G industry as a backdrop, eroding financial margins and the need to get a core sales training offering into the hands of a workforce that is spread out across more than 120 countries, we decided to turn the 5 day In Class Sales Class, into a virtual distance learning program.


The digital transformation flourishes and with it the need for data analytics and data science experts who can handle the data deluge properly and turn big data into valuable insights is constantly rising. With a hands-on approach and a cloud-based learning environment, StackFuels Data Scientist reskilling course qualifies learners for the future of work. The course certifies for the most in-demand skills from data preparation to data analysis and interpretation. Guided by a dedicated mentoring team, the innovative training concept ensures each individual learning success with an above-average completion rate of 91% and a total satisfaction rate of 86%.

Ufi VocTech Trust

The National Youth Agency’s (NYA) online distance learning programme for the Level 2 and 3 accredited youth work qualifications have been essential during the past 18 months to ensure youth workers are still able to access and complete their qualifications. Due to the loss in funding the youth sector has suffered since 2010, it is vital that the accredited qualifications are made as accessible as possible to support local infrastructures to rebuild their youth offer to support young people. NYA’s online distance learning. programme uses blended learning, with innovative, interactive content which is fully accessible and keeps learners engaged.

UN World Food Programme

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