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16 Nov 2022 | London

Shortlist 2021 - Category L

L - Best use of blended learning - commercial sector 

Co-op and Acteon

In 2020, Co-op launched a new cash management system in 2,600 stores. A huge and strategically important project, SmartCash would make cash management easier and safer for Co-op colleagues.

But it involved embedding many changes, including to colleagues’ everyday habits.

We used technology solutions at the centre of a blended training and engagement journey, with e-learning, online resources and social learning platforms. These technologies were implemented thoughtfully and effectively to achieve human outcomes including connecting people, delivering learning that sparked conversation, and ensuring fun, memorable campaign elements. At the heart was a humorous, catchy song which ignited attention in the project.

The results were impressive, exceeding project objectives, getting high learner ratings, surpassing completion expectations, and winning high praise from leadership and colleagues

Daimler and EPAM Systems

Daimler AG’s IT organization implemented a leadership learning program to ensure its top 185 IT executives and senior managers had the necessary technical and leadership skills to drive digitization throughout the business. The #TwiceAsFast Certified program, developed in partnership with EPAM Systems, blended tailored, interactive online content with individual and small group coaching, expert-led implementation workshops, and individual knowledge assessments. The leadership learning program was a success, with 30% growth in knowledge, near-universal confidence to implement, increased speed and widened scope of IT initiatives, and enhanced collaboration across verticals.

Game Tree

An innovative approach towards Training of Trainers that showcased extensive results, starting with immediate skills development, and reaching up to a dramatic mindset shift of the trainees, but also to the rise of a new, established and highly effective learning culture. Although distance-delivered, this project had a distinct classroom feeling and it included engaging learner-centered experiences, due to the creative use of technology and the multi-sensory design. Additionally, handpicked post-training actions activated the key stakeholders to foster learning retention and sustain critical behaviours, unleashing unprecedented possibilities for the organisation’s Learning & Development future.

ING PACE Academy in partnership with Kineo 

ING, when faced with an acceleration in technological innovation in banking, saw the ramping up of innovation as mission critical.

Adoption of ING’s innovation methodology (PACE) was hampered by hard-to-scale classroom training.

In July-2020 ING and Kineo met this need head on with PACE Academy - a blended learning experience providing employees with a guided blended learning journey (microlearning, practical resources, remote group working, collaborative learning, virtual classrooms and more).

Despite initial resistance to cancelling the away-day training to Amsterdam, the programme was proven to be measurably effective by a survey conducted in the NL part of the organisation, as most learners come from there, earning the praise of the Chief Innovation Officer of the bank

Lloyd's Register and TalenTeam

When you combine an increasingly competitive marketplace, an urgent need to improve management practices, and a complete operational reinvention, you get quite the perfect storm for managers.

Launched April-2020, the new ‘Management Fundamentals Online’ programme at Lloyd’s Register is about as-different-a learning experience from its predecessor as imaginable. It combines in-house and curated external content, online group sessions and collaboration learning. Most importantly, rather than lengthy classroom sessions, learners now consume a self-managed calendar of bite-sized learning over 20-weeks.

The perfect storm was met head-on. High learner satisfaction, a substantial shift in perceived learner performance and an impact on customer experience and morale were all proven by a thorough evaluation.

Lumina Learning

The Blended Lumina Emotion Qualification has significantly impacted our business's performance throughout 2020/2021.

  1. Combining multiple regional face-to-face courses into one global programme has brought many benefits.
  2. The global nature of our qualifications enables the exchange of ideas, perspectives and shared experience with a more diverse group of participants than face-to-face.
  3. Average participation on our qualifications has increased, ensuring we minimise costs whilst maximising quality.
  4. Practitioners become familiar with virtual and blended delivery enabling them to replicate our approach with their clients using the skills learnt and the learning objects developed for Lumina's LXP (LLXP)

MetLife Distribution Academy and NIIT

The MetLife Distribution Academy’s Sales Curriculum delivers digitally enabled learning journeys and performance support environment for Sales Associates that are highly personalized through artificial intelligence and the solutions are pushed to the learner in ‘micro-learning’ nuggets, based on channel, role, tenure, proficiency level and productivity. The Distribution Academy delivers knowledge, information, expertise, and best practices via device-agnostic mobile-first media-rich online learning, virtual ILTs, performance coaching, mentoring and immersive skills development experiences.


Founded in 1999, Verastar supplies multiple essential services to small businesses through several brands.

Verastar has a customer base of over 160,000 small and medium-sized businesses across varying sectors, from hair & beauty to farming. The company services almost 10% of the UK’s small business market. Verastar’s goal is to provide all the essential services a small business could need on a single bill with a single point of contact.

  • Phone services
  • Broadband
  • Mobile
  • Water
  • Electricity 
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Payments

With an HQ in Sale, Greater Manchester, and offices in central Manchester and Glasgow Verastar employs nearly 900 people.

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