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Advancing learner engagement to the next level


Advancing learner engagement to the next level

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 3

This session gives you an exclusive first look at a gamified App created for the Chartered Insurance Institute – Gamebrain.

Developed by a team who normally create games for LEGO® and Star Wars™, the solution has been designed with one primary goal – to encourage users to play again.

A simple way to embed knowledge within a target audience is to repeatedly expose them to the information you wish to teach. Practice makes perfect.

We will cover the systems and motivational drivers the App incorporates to encourage positive behaviours, drive engagement and reward success.

Warning - This presentation involves fun, audience participation and prizes.

  • What is gamification and how can it help increase my user engagement?
  • When will gamification work and when it will not?
  • Why 30-day user retention should be your No1. KPI
Mike Hawkyard, Gamebrain - Founder - The Access Group

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