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How To Drive Business Results Through A Fully Integrated Learning Ecosystem


How To Drive Business Results Through A Fully Integrated Learning Ecosystem

12 Feb 2020
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As organizations scale at a rapid pace, it is a challenge to manage and maintain systems in isolation. Today’s learners seek information at the finger-tips but are getting overloaded with too much information with a push strategy.

Motivating, tracking, sense of ownership, and upskilling has become a major challenge for any product-based organization where learning is the key to product adoption.

There is always a challenge to improve the performance of learners while keeping them motivated and hooked for a long period.

Many organizations have an enterprise LMS, video publishing site, a portal to engage their learners and/or channel partners, may be even a gamification engine. All these tools and technologies are implemented to improve the overall learning experience but the learners usually end up accessing all the systems in isolation and it turns out to be a painful task for them to remember all the URLs and respective logins, which in turn impacts their productivity and performance.

What we need is a fully integrated learning ecosystem with a custom portal that brings everything together giving your learners an unparalleled learning experience.

In this session, you will learn how to drive business results through an integrated learning strategy to drive business results and create a successful learning culture.

The seminar will help the attendees learn...

  • Why a fully integrated Learning Ecosystem is necessary?
  • How to get started?
  • How to leverage the power of single sign-on, data analytics, and IOT that integrate and aid in continuous learning.
  • How digitation helps in building a successful learning culture that helps cut short the learning curve on the job.
  • How gamification as an overarching layer integrates with all the systems to drive learner behavior and keep them engaged on the platform.
  • The session will also include a customer case study.
Suresh Kumar DN, CEO - Tesseract Learning Inc

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