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Learning Culture: The new KPI for L&D


Learning Culture: The new KPI for L&D

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 5

Learning Culture is all the rage. While not new, Learning Culture has never been so popular as upskilling and reskilling challenges accelerate. What is Learning Culture? How to measure it within your organization? What can HR and L&D professionals do to improve it and turn their company into a real Learning Organization?
In this session, Laurent Balagué, forMetris’ founder and CEO will address all of these questions.

Laurent Balagué will present a workable and unique method to:

  • Measure Learning Culture and instantly identify levers for improvement
  • Develop Informal learning within the organization
  • Boost the impact of learning initiatives by understanding how people learn in a specific work environment
Laurent Balagué, ceo - ForMetris

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