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Wish you were here?


Wish you were here?

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 2

You’ve had a busy day at LT2020. Lots of connections, lots of inspiration. And lots of conversations with people (like us) who promise the earth. But is that always helpful? Can it be frustrating? Seeing lots of exciting destinations you’d love to reach but that you can’t get to with your organisation. Well, sit back and relax. We promise not to try and sell you anything (for 30 minutes, anyway). But we will try to help you think different – about where you’d really like to go with learning and development and how you can get there.

Join us to hear more about:

  • how to think different about changing behaviour and delivering impact
  • what L&D can learn from behavioural science and the advertising industry
  • making ‘important but dull’ requirements like compliance and induction matter to your audience
  • how we’ve helped organisations like Channel 4 and Co-op to think different.
Owen Rose, Partner - Acteon

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