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How Workplace Learning is Changing and How to Keep Up with the Changes


How Workplace Learning is Changing and How to Keep Up with the Changes

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 11

In every industry, the Learning & Development (L&D) space is rapidly shifting due to changes in technology, new generations entering the workforce, and more ambitious learning goals of employers and employees. While workplace learning is becoming more of a priority than ever for businesses of all sizes, even seasoned learning professionals are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of the workplace learning industry.

During this session, we will attempt to break through the noise and identify the trends and technologies that are truly empowering organisations to create training programs that maximize learning outcomes as well as ROI. We will explore:

  • The emerging trends in workplace learning, including research sourced from LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report and Raconteur’s 2019 Learning & Development Special Report.
  • How the latest changes in the workplace learning industry may affect your learning program and business and the most important considerations to keep in mind.
  • How the type of technology you use to support your workplace learning program can affect your flexibility and ability to keep up with the new changes.
Brian Carlson, CEO and Co-Founder - eThink Education

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