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  • 10 - 11 february 2021
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The perfect storm for L&D: Skills, Data and Personalisation!


The perfect storm for L&D: Skills, Data and Personalisation!

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 3

The world of work is changing as we know it. Digital transformation will soon become a thing of the past, as AI and automisation come to the fore. The workplace as we know it will fundamentally change and this will demand that we upskill the workforce with a new set of skills and a growth mindset.

In this session, Mike Byrne, UK Director for Netex will explore the tremendous opportunity that exists for L&D to elevate its role, to that of the most trusted internal business partner and look at what you can start doing now to win the talent and skills race to keep your company competitive.

  • The changing workforce and opportunity for L&D
  • How to build the right digital learning ecosystem to drive skills development and business transformation
  • Personalised learning. Hint, it does not have to all be about AI!
  • The benefits of adopting a data-driven approach to learning design and measurement.
Mike Byrne, UK Country Director - NETEX

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