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  • 12 - 13 february 2020
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Teams and L&D: a match made in heaven


Teams and L&D: a match made in heaven

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 6

Are teams the future for L&D?
Teams are now crucial for organisations to succeed. L&D has an opportunity to partner with teams in building high performance.
The key to this opportunity will be having the data on how teams are working together so that focused action can be taken. Squadify is a tool that delivers this data and is used by teams continuously to help them to improve their work together.
This leads to three opportunities. First, learning professionals can focus their solutions accurately on areas that build high performance. Secondly, teams will be motivated to learn and can do so together to improve performance. Finally, content can be curated to meet the specific needs of teams which will drive use of learning platforms and pre-existing content.
Don’t miss this talk on an exciting opportunity to become an indispensable partner to teams in your organisation!

  • How teams are the key to delivering value in organisations
  • How teams work - some surprising truths!
  • How L&D can use data on teams to deliver performance improvement
  • How L&D to give context to their curated content
Dan Hammond, .Chief Distruption Officer and Product Owner - LIW3
Pia Lee, CEO - Squadify

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