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The end of "one-size-fits-none"


The end of "one-size-fits-none"

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 7

The evidence is in: e-learning outcomes are absolutely terrible compared to one-on-one instruction.  A new breed of AI-enabled online tools offer personalized instruction for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of learners with huge savings in learner time, outcomes that compare to one-on-one teaching, and development times comparable with regular e-learning. Nick Howe, Chief Learning Officer of Area9 Lyceum will demonstrate the key differences between traditional and adaptive learning, and how easy it is to make the transition.

  • What is adaptive learning
  • How does adaptive learning differ from traditional e-learning
  • How to easily transition to adaptive learning
  • Decide if you are ready for adaptive learning
Nick Howe, Chief Learning Officer - Area9 Lyceum

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